My nomination for "Volunteer of The Year" is Mr. George Kohout.


Mr. Kohout has been the driving force behind "defibrillating" the Ridge Riders' Club and making it once again a vibrant, active riding club.

George has put the Ridge Rider grounds to very good use this past year with the "Bulls, Burgers, and Brew" bull riding competitions and other events.

He is also active in big game wildlife management, and the local area service organizations, volunteering his time and energy for causes that are good for the community.

During the raging, lightning-caused range fires of a couple of months ago, you didn't have to look very far until you found Mr. Kohout devoting himself to protecting other peoples' property and livestock.

Finally, earlier this year, when a memorial service was being held for Ellen Haven at the Strate Funeral Home, with a meal planned for afterward at the Eagle's Club, George got up at 2:00 in the morning to begin preparing the meal.

If I were ever to move back to the Coulee Country, I'd be sure and buy a place next to George. That way I'd know I'd have a fantasticneighbor.

Harvey Haven

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

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