Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee Police

11/26 - Police advised Safeway that one of its grocery carts was located behind the senior manor. A person was sent to collect the cart.

- A man told police that he had paid a $300 bar bill at a local tavern with a debit card and when he checked with the bank the amount was $500. Since he had signed the debit slip, the bank told the man he couldn’t cancel the charge. The man is trying to get the charge corrected.

- A woman whose three horses got out near the Grand Coulee RV Park collected them and returned them to the pasture.

- Police went to a Stevens Street house in Electric City after a 911 hangup call. The officer’s report stated that a couple had been arguing because the husband thought the wife had someone over while he was gone.

11/27 - A woman on Jackson Street in Electric City told police that someone has been knocking on her door and when she goes to answer the knock there is no one there. Police have stepped up patrols in the area.

11/28 - Police were called to a reported big fight at a home on Bowen Street. Police said that a woman and her sister got into a slugfest and hair-pulling fight, and that two 16-year-old girls were also involved in the fourth-degree assault. The police report said that big bunches of hair were pulled out of each of the two adult’s heads. The two sisters were taken to Grant County Jail and one of the juveniles was taken to the juvenile center. The other girl was released to her mother but faces the same charge. One of the juveniles is also being charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

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- A wanted person was arrested at a Park Avenue home in Electric City and taken to Grant County jail on the warrant.

11/29 - A woman on Cole Street in Grand Coulee told police that her motion-activated outside light had come on while she was sitting at the dining room table and that she could see that there was a man attempting to look into the house. Police noticed footsteps in the wet grass, but couldn’t find anyone.

- A man who lives in an apartment on Continental Heights told police that someone kept knocking on the door to his apartment. Police found a man who was intoxicated at the door and asked him to leave.

11/30 - A Bureau of Reclamation employee found a driver’s license belonging to a Spokane resident and gave it to an officer who sent it to the owner.

- A man was arrested on a felony warrant at the Columbia View Apartments in Coulee Dam and taken to the Grant County jail.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that her 16-year-old daughter had left the home with her boyfriend and during an argument threatened to harm herself. Police tried to locate the girl but couldn’t find her.

12/1 - Police responded to a call about a burglary on Park Avenue in Electric City and found a woman trying to force her way into a trailer. She told police that she had lost her keys. The officer checked with the owner of the trailer and he said the woman resided there. Police then explained to the woman who called in the alleged burglary what was going on.

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- A domestic violence issue brought police to an apartment on Hill Avenue. A woman told police that a man that she had a child with had tried to strangle her, and that he had punched holes in the walls of her apartment. She said he was now armed with a fire extinguisher and had released some of its content in the apartment. Police arrested him in a nearby apartment. They booked him into Grant County Jail on charges of second-degree assault, and two counts of third-degree malicious mischief. The woman stated that she wanted a no-contact court order in place. While enroute to jail, the suspect made threatening comments about what he would do when released.

- Police were called to a Stevens Avenue house in Electric City due to a domestic argument. The woman asked to be taken to the bus location so she could go to Spokane. No charges were filed.

12/2 - Police were informed by an Electric City resident that a man was dumping tree limbs on another person’s property. Police are investigating.

12/3 - Police responded to a report of a rollover accident at milepost 18 on SR-174. The police report stated that two individuals in the vehicle were taken to Coulee Medical Center. The officers stood by until the Washington State Patrol arrived.

Coulee Dam Police

11/27 - Plant Protection advised police that a vehicle was stalled near the top of Grand Coulee Dam. Police responded and found a man whose vehicle hood was raised. He stated that his battery was dead. He called a family member who came and gave the man a ride. He later returned and with a good battery started the vehicle and left the area.

11/29 - Police checked on a security alarm at Bank of America. It was a false alarm.

11/30 - A woman asked for an officer to stand by while she got some of her belongings from an apartment on River Drive. The woman got the items without incident.

- A woman was stopped for having an inoperable tail light. When the officer checked on the male passenger, records revealed that the woman had a court protection order against him. The man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on the court order violation.

12/1 - Police were called to an apartment complex on River Drive after a tenant found a case for glasses containing a baggie with what she thought were drugs and a smoking pipe. Police took the items as evidence.

12/2 - A man known to have a suspended license was seen driving and stopped near Bank of America. He couldn’t produce proof of insurance, the reason he was suspended in the first place. He was told not to move the car unless a licensed driver did it. He was ticketed.

- A caller said two men were standing in the middle of Civic Way yelling at each other. One person had a knife and the other a baseball bat. Police drove to a house on Civic Way where a man came outside and said that a man had been at his house armed with brass knuckles with a knife attached and accused him of having relations with his girlfriend. He told police the man left but kept yelling profanities. He said he grabbed a baseball bat and went outside. He told police that the man who was upset had been drinking and that he was able to quiet him down.


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