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Grand Coulee Police

9/27 - A Spokane man with Grand Coulee connections was pulled over for not stopping at an intersection, and the officer saw that he was talking on his cellphone. The driver claimed that he was on an “undercover operation for the Spokane police department and the FBI.” But his license had been suspended for being a habitual offender, according to police. The officer checked his story out and was told that Spokane officers didn’t know of any operation here.

His parents came to take control of the car.

11/6 - An Electric City youth told police that he was being threatened by another young person through comments on Facebook, through text messages, and verbally, and that he had been for about five years. An officer talked with the boy who was allegedly doing the bullying and is recommending a charge of harassment be made.

11/11 - An Electric City man was arrested on a warrant and is also being charged with theft, attempted theft, possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamines and heroin), and two instances of lying to an officer. He was taken to jail.

He is being accused of taking food from the Banks Lake Pub without paying for it, attempting to take a number of articles from rooms he was staying in at Sky Deck Motel, and giving a bad check for a car he purchased, among other things.

11/12 - A driver was stopped for talking on her cell phone near Four Corners. The woman denied using her cell phone, saying it was “dead.” Then she said she was just “singing.” She got a ticket.

11/13 - An Electric City woman on Crest Avenue advised police that a large dog was loose and dragging about a 10-foot chain. Police looked for the dog but couldn’t find it.

- Police were called to the Grand Coulee Dam Middle School, where officials advised that one student had assaulted another on the school bus, and that there was a video of the assault. The one doing the punching was suspended for three days and all parents were called.

11/14 - An Electric City man on Goodfellow Avenue told police that he was in the middle of a custody court case and that someone was using his name to open dating site accounts, using his passwords. He provided police with the information.

- A woman advised police that a car had been parked along Federal Avenue for over a year and a half and hadn’t been moved. Police found the auto, the tabs on which had expired nearly two years earlier. The owner of the vehicle was told to get tabs for the car or move it. She said she would.

- Dispatch informed police that someone had fallen near Hill Avenue apartments and the party couldn’t tell dispatch just where she was. Police found the woman about 20 feet off the road. She refused to go to the hospital to be checked out, and police confiscated and destroyed some abandoned liquor.

11/15 - A woman with expired vehicle tabs was stopped on Partello Park and police learned that she had just been discharged from the hospital. Upon checking on the driver, police learned she was wanted on a warrant. The woman was taken to the hospital to see if she could be freed for incarceration, then to Grant County Jail on the warrant.

11/16 - A man was banned from a residence on Hill Avenue after the woman asked police to keep him from bothering her. He was advised that he was banned from the property. The two had a child together and have been arguing about that for some time.

- Police were informed that a vehicle was enroute from Coulee City and that the driver had an open container of beer and a crack pipe inside. Police stopped the vehicle and the driver only had a tall lemonade and no crack pipe.

- Police got a call that there was a dead animal in the road near H&H Grocery in Electric City. Police found a distraught driver who didn’t know what to do. Police took charge of the small dog for disposal. It didn’t have a license tag on it so the officer couldn’t notify the owner.

11/17 - An officer responded to a report that there was a suspicious person near the fence at the Grant County PUD building. Since there have been some thefts of copper wire in the area, the officer turned his light on the fence and saw a suspect there who ran and hid. Later the officer found two people and advised them to stay away from the area.

- Police arrested a man on Sunset Avenue in Electric City, who admitted breaking a table, for malicious mischief.

Coulee Dam Police

11/12 - An officer was requested to assist Grand Coulee Police on a possible domestic violence call on E Street. When they arrived a man told them that his children were “back talking” to each other, so the problem was solved.

- A vehicle without tail lights was stopped on Roosevelt Way. The officer noticed that a passenger had a cigarette behind his ear and thought him to be a minor. The man showed that he was 25 years of age. The driver was given a warning on the tail lights.

11/13 - An official at Lake Roosevelt High School told police that a suspicious person had walked through the school parking lot. Police found a man who said he was just taking a short cut. He was advised that he needed to have permission to be on school property while school was in session.

11/14 - Okanogan County dispatch advised police that a man confronted another man on River View Drive asking his name and when the man told him he was punched in the eye. The area was outside the town’s jurisdiction so it was referred back to the county.

11/15 - A woman on Crest Drive reported that a package containing some of her pills had been left on her porch and was missing. She said it was the second time within four months that this had happened.

11/19 - A woman on Camas Street reported that she had seen a man who looked “weird” place a white box in the bed of a pickup. Police checked the area but didn’t find the “weird” acting man.

- A man told police that he found a baggie near one of the service pumps at the gas station. It was field tested and found to be methamphetamine. It was placed in the department’s evidence room.

- An officer assisted Tribal Police on a domestic violence call from Elmer City. A woman was reported to have been assaulted and there was broken articles in the apartment. Tribal police are looking for the man responsible.

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