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Grand Coulee Police

11/5 - A man on Second Street in Electric City told police that a man who borrowed his roto-tiller hadn’t returned it and he thinks it may have been sold. He also told police that a number of items have gone missing, including several watches. The man said he tried to contact the person he loaned the tiller to, and got a nasty text back from the man’s wife’s mother.

- A woman told police that music coming from a source on Main Street was too loud. The officer went to the site and his report stated that he could barely hear from 20 feet away. He told the party of the complaint and they said they would keep the music turned down.

- Police checked on a report of a suspicious person on Main Street who was not wearing a shirt and had blood all over him. Police finally contacted a woman behind Loepps Furniture who reported that her son had been in a fight with a friend and was afraid that he had killed the friend. She said her son was in hiding. Police tried, but couldn’t find the son, but found the man who was beaten up, who said the two were best of friends and he didn’t want to press charges. He said it all started with playful fighting outside. The police report stated that both parties had been drinking.

11/6 - A woman living at Park Avenue in Electric City reported that her grandson was being harassed by verbal, Facebook and text messages. She gave police the name of the person.

- A man on Second Street in Electric City told police that two boys were staying in a vacant house and they shouldn’t be there.

- A woman on Dill Avenue reported that someone was living in a motorhome parked nearby. Police knocked on the door of the motorhome but couldn’t raise anyone, and the officer told the reporting party that if someone continued to live in the motorhome to call again.

11/7 - Two victims suffered attacks by a brownish-tan pit bull. One had her pant leg ripped but the attack didn’t break the skin. Officers found this victim at the library. Then they were informed of another attack, the victim of which was at the hospital. In this instance the victim had bite marks on the thigh and scratch marks and said the attack occurred near Center School. Police saw the animal near Flo’s Cafe, but couldn’t catch it.

- An employee at a local restaurant told police that a male worker had inappropriately touched her and continued to do so, and when the owner of the restaurant was notified that he didn’t believe it. She said she wasn’t going to return to work there.

- An Inchelium man was stopped for having expired tabs in Electric City and, when asked for his license, registration and proof of insurance, told the officer that he didn’t have any of that. In fact the man was suspended. He was cited and told he had 15 days to make a court appearance and a passenger with a valid license took over the car.

11/8 - A woman called police from a Hill Avenue apartment, saying that someone was playing music too loud. The officer stood outside the suspect apartment but stated in his report that he could hear music but it didn’t appear too loud. Nevertheless he talked with the apartment occupant, who stated that the loud music was probably from another apartment.

11/9 - A driver was stopped because of defective lights. A language barrier prevented the officer from being able to communicate with the driver that her insurance wasn’t up to date. A telephone connection with someone who spoke Spanish informed the woman of the problem. She received a citation.

- Someone reported a cell phone being stolen at an address on Goodfellow in Electric City but the officer responding discovered that the address doesn’t exist.

- An Electric City woman told police that she didn’t want to return a call asking for information about a party because she would be charged for the call. The call was from a collection agency that was trying to find out information on a person.

- A landlord checked on a renter on Federal Avenue and when he looked through a window he saw the tenant stretched out on the bed. He advised police that he thought the renter was dead. Police checked and found the man was dead and called for the medical examiner who reported that he thought the man died from natural causes. An autopsy was planned.

- An Electric City man was arrested for violation of a no-contact order. Someone came to take charge of the man’s vehicle.

11/10 - A Nespelem man was stopped because of loud exhaust system and the officer could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle. In a search police found a baggie of marijuana in his front pocket and open beer containers in the car. He was cited for driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, having an open container of beer in the vehicle and having no insurance. The car was impounded and the man released to his father.

- Police responded to a report of a large fight going on at a residence on First & “B” Streets and found a number of people who had been invited to an after-hours party. A bartender at Wolf’s Den Tavern told police that when she got to the residence, there were some men going through the owners’ things and the owner had stated that two people had assaulted her. The house was in disarray when the officer arrived and the owner of the house was on a bed and unresponsive. An ambulance was called and took the woman to the hospital where it was reported that her blood alcohol measured .452 -- more than five times the level considered legally intoxicated. Police are still trying to find those who reportedly assaulted the woman.

- A man living on Cardinal Road NE will get a citation in the mail for running his “goat cart” on a public road while his license was suspended.

11/12 - A man who had threatened a police officer and his family stopped by the police station to apologize, saying he was drunk at the time and didn’t mean it.

Coulee Dam Police

11/5 - A driver was stopped when an officer noticed that her vehicle tabs had expired. The officer found that she had a suspended license and couldn’t produce registration and proof of insurance. She was cited on the suspended license and her sister came to take charge of the vehicle. She was warned on the registration and insurance.

11/6 - Barking dogs brought an officer to a house on River Drive. The owner of the two German shepherd dogs was told to keep the dogs quiet. He said he would.

11/7 - An officer assisted Grand Coulee on a reported burglary call. Later it was determined to be just a dispute between two neighbors on King Street.

- A driver was stopped and issued a ticket on Crest Drive when an officer noted that his license tabs had expired in July.

11/8 - An officer with backup from Grand Coulee checked on an alarm problem at the state licensing agency at city hall. A town employee disarmed the alarm and the two searched the building but couldn’t find anything amiss.

11/9 - A man called to relate that he had taken his eyes off the road for an instant and ran into a power pole in the Lake Roosevelt High School parking lot. The officer responding noticed a ground wire hanging loose and advised a city employee of the problem. There was about $200 damage to the pole and wire and about $750 to the vehicle.

- A woman reported a large dog running loose on the Coulee Dam bridge. The officer took a digital photo of the dog and followed it to a house on North Columbia Avenue where the owner let it in the house. The owner of the dog was told it was against the law to allow a dog to run loose.

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