NPS seeking concession bids for Seven Bays, Keller Ferry


The National Park Service is again seeking entreprenuers interested in running the Keller Ferry and Seven Bays marina operations.

The NPS issued two prospectuses Oct. 31 on two levels for both properties. Those concessions have been operating on annual renewals for the past few years.

The two levels of operation are:

1) Full service marina operation identified as “Full Service Draft Contract” includes houseboat and other boat rentals, moorage, retail/grocery, marine fuel and oil sales, pump-out service and related services. The Full Service Draft Contract is for a term of 15 years.

2) Limited Service marina operations identified as “Limited Service Draft Contract” includes moorage, marine fuel and oil sales, pump-out service, and related services. This contract would be for 10 years.

The NPS stated that it developed the two levels of service to create more interest in companies bidding for the contracts.

Under the contract, incoming concessioners have to purchase the personal property of outgoing concessioners. This includes houseboats and other larger-valued properties. The two parties negotiate the price of the items, according to NPS personnel.

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Those interested can contact Kimberley Gagliolo (415) 623-2227, or read the prospectus on-line.

Proposals must be received by the National Park Service, Pacific West Region, by 4 p.m. Jan. 15, 2013.


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