Wanted: people to establish a museum


Those interested in participating in a local museum can do so by attending a meeting of the “Coulee Pioneer Museum” on Wednesday, Nov. 7, at 1 p.m., at the art room by the Grand Coulee Dam Senior Center.

An effort is being made to develop a local museum and preserve artifacts, documents and other materials so they won’t be lost to the area.

“The local history is being lost as the elderly move from the area, and the stories and materials die when they pass away,” said Birdie Hensley, who is organizing the meeting.

The museum has a logo, tax number and postal box, so some of the preliminary work has been done, Hensley explained.

Hensley said the group is moving ahead, searching for grant funds.

“I attended a grant class the past week, and picked up a wealth of knowledge,” Hensley said.

The museum needs a slate of officers, and people to collect stories from local people.

All those interested in the formation of a local museum are asked to attend the Nov. 7, meeting.


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