Tab fees coming soon


Electric City will soon be the recipient of $20 license tab fees on vehicles, probably before the first of the year.

Meaning when you go to a vehicle license bureau, and live within the city limits of Electric City, you will pay $20 more for the tab.

The city council has completed all but one of the processes so the city can collect the fee. City Clerk Jackie Perman said that it has yet to exercise an interlocal agreement with the state, however, she stated that is expected to be accomplished within a few weeks.

Cities throughout the state are moving fast to create their “transportation benefit” districts so they can collect the extra fee.

Money raised by the license tab fee will go into the city’s street fund to help pay for its six-year street improvement plan.

Counties are also getting into the act creating their own TBDs.

Electric City hurried to get ahead of Grant County, in case the county decided to do the same, so it could keep the $20 fee locally.

The hurry-up opportunity on the license tab fee was created by the state and will bring in about $25,000 to Electric City.

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