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Grand Coulee Police

10/19 - Officers were called to Jackson Street and SR-155 in Electric City, where there was a report of an intoxicated man in the roadway. Police spotted the man and told him to stay off the road and he nodded that he understood.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that her 16-year-old son was a runaway, and then noticed that she had a text message from him. She decided to delay filing the report.

- A woman reported that she and her boyfriend had broken up and that he had taken her car. She was calling from the man’s residence on Washington Street in Electric City. While on the call to police, she said not to come because she just got her keys back.

10/20 - An officer saw a man standing over his girl friend at Second Street and Nielson Road and learned that the two had been drinking at Wolf’s Den. When the officer drove toward the tavern ,he saw a man passed out on the sidewalk on Main Street. The officer went to the tavern and found that man’s wife incoherent. He admonished the bartender for over serving and then forwarded the report to the State Liquor Control Board.

- An Electric City man said he had filled out a form with his personal history for his bank and was later notified by the bank that the information had been compromised. He changed the number of his account.

- A woman complained that someone had scratched her new car while it was parked at the Electric City Bar and Grill. The bartender said a woman came in yelling at the car owner and was the only person who had come in the door. She is a suspect in the case.

10/21 - A Nespelem woman was stopped for a faulty headlamp and the officer learned that her license had been suspended. A passenger in the car was intoxicated so couldn’t take control of the car. The driver called her father to take charge of the car. The officer forwarded the report to the Okanogan County prosecutor for possible charges.

10/22 - An Elmer City man told police that his vehicle had been keyed while he was at the Electric City Bar and Grill.

10/23 - A woman who resides on Young Street told police that someone had entered her home while she was out of town and that her coffee maker was broken and someone had “hacked” into her computer.

10/24 - A Mead Avenue woman reported that her cellphone and cover were missing. She said she placed it on a shelf at the Variety Store and when she turned around it was gone. She said the loss was about $900.

10/25 - An Elmer City man whose vehicle was blocking traffic on Spokane Avenue was arrested and picked up a DUI charge and possession-of-marijuana charge.

- A man was arrested on Washington Place in Electric City for domestic violence after a complaint from his girlfriend. He was taken to Grant County Jail on the charge.

- A Coulee Dam driver hit a deer near the USBR industrial area and SR-155. The officer had to shoot the animal because it was badly crippled.

- A woman moving out of a Hill Avenue apartment complex told police that someone had forced a door and gone through her stuff and taken a washer, one of her speakers and some computer material. She gave the officer the name of a person she thought might have done it.

10/26 - Noise at a Hill Avenue apartment brought the police to investigate. The officer told two women who had been drinking to keep the noise down. Both said they would.

- Police arrested a woman for malicious mischief following a fight on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City and took her to Grant County Jail. An argument had ensued over the presence of a man at the residence. The woman arrested had allegedly broken some items in the house.

10/27 - An Electric City woman told police that she had received a threatening call from a man who said the woman’s son owed him money and that if it wasn’t paid he would burn down her house with her in it. Police talked with the man, a taxi driver, who said the son used his taxi and said his mother would pay the fee. He said he didn’t make any threats and said he would not call the woman again.

- A man who found a wallet with over $200 in it took it to the police station and turned it in. The man said he found the wallet near Coulee Medical Center. The owner of the wallet was being notified.

10/28 - A Nespelem man was stopped for not using his turn signal and driving in the wrong lane on Main Street. It was found that the man’s license was suspended, he didn’t have insurance and he blew a .251 (more than three times the legal limit) while taking a sobriety test. The man’s car was impounded and the man was turned over to his grandmother for care.

Coulee Dam Police

10/22 - Police, while on patrol, found a driver’s license, a receipt from a grocery store and a $5 bill rolled up with the receipt. The officer advised the owner of the license of the find.

10/23 - Police were looking for a man who allegedly hit a woman in the head with a whiskey bottle and then poured gasoline on a pile of clothing with a gas trail leading to a house on Tulip Street. The woman was driven to the hospital by private auto for treatment.

10/24 - A woman on Elmer City Access Road told police that she heard people making noises near her house. Police searched the area but couldn’t find anyone.

10/25 - A man was stopped for running a stop sign and the officer found that he didn’t have insurance. A check on his driving status revealed that he had been cited three times earlier for not having insurance. He was cited again.

10/26 - A man stopped for speeding near Riley Point and rolled down his window to talk with the officer, who reportedly smelled marijuana. The officer asked about the smell, and the driver said the officer could search the vehicle if he wanted to. The officer found evidence of marijuana being smoked and some “Juicy Jays” brand cigarette papers. He was cited for speeding and having drug paraphernalia.

10/27 - Police went to a residence on Central Drive when a person reported an open window and a screen on the ground. The officer found that a large dog had pushed the screen out from inside the house.

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