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10/15 - A Walla Walla driver and passenger both picked up tickets for not wearing their seatbelts. The driver also was ticketed for expired license tabs on both his vehicle and trailer.

- Police investigated an alleged assault on a woman from a Continental Heights apartment by her live-in boyfriend. The woman told police that during a minor argument she picked up the phone to call her father for help but the boyfriend prevented her from making the call, and then hit her with his hands. The boyfriend, an Electric City man, was being sought by police.

10/16 - Police went to the Les Schwab Tire store to check on an alarm that was going off. An employee came to the store and discovered a stack of tires had fallen over, setting off the alarm. The alarm was reset.

- An Electric City woman reported that a “pit bull” had attacked her dog “Whiskey” and had torn holes in the skin of its back. Police went to the neighbors to check on the pit bull and was told the dog was an American Bulldog. It belonged to a woman who was visiting from Coulee Dam. The officer advised the West Grand Avenue woman whose dog was attacked to take it to the veterinary clinic and have the wound sewed up.

- A man told police that a man was constantly harassing him, and that since he was handicapped, he carried an axe handle with him to protect himself. Police had the man fill out an anti-harassment form for the courts for protection. Police could not find the man named by the one being harassed.

- Police advised an Everett man that he couldn’t camp at North Dam Park. He was parked in the marshy area near the ballfields. The man said that he was working on a project at Grand Coulee Dam. He left the area.

10/17 - A Coulee Dam man was stopped when an officer noticed that his license tabs had expired. He was ticketed for $216, and then went on his way.

10/18 - A woman told police that she was concerned about a man who had been walking home behind her after leaving the Wolf’s Den bar. She said she looked back and he was gone. She said he wasn’t liked by some people she knew and that she was concerned for his welfare. The officer toured the streets around the area but couldn’t find him.

- A Spokane man was stopped for going 40 mph in a school zone. He was ticketed.

- An official at Coulee Playland told police that he heard a woman screaming and then a car sped away heading south on SR-155 at a high rate of speed. Police looked all over for the white Chevy Blazer, but couldn’t find it.

- A Grand Coulee man who was at the “shooting range” on Osborn Bay told police he noticed smoke coming from his stereo speakers and shortly after that his car filled with smoke. He disconnected his battery cables because his battery was also smoking. The fire department arrived on the scene and later the man was able to put his battery cables back on and start his car.

- A Nespelem woman was stopped for having expired license tabs and the officer learned that she had an unsigned registration and no insurance. She was allowed to sign her car registration, but got a ticket for the other two offenses.

- Police stopped a vehicle near Granger Avenue because of expired license tabs and found that the driver of the vehicle didn’t have a license but did have a warrant out for her arrest. Her passenger was owner of the car and admitted to having been drinking. The driver was taken to Okanogan County Jail on the warrant and the car was towed.

Coulee Dam Police

10/9 - A resident on Central Drive was notified of the city ordinance about having a vehicle parked on a city street for over 72 hours without moving it. The resident has five days to move the vehicle or face a $500 daily fine.

10/10 - A woman on Yucca Street called to report a drunken man lying on the ground in her yard. Police recognized the man and found he was wanted on a tribal warrant. A tribal officer was called and took charge of the man.

- A woman reported that she had given keys to a car that she had bought from a man back to him because she was behind in payments. The verbal agreement was that she would pay him monthly installments, and she was the legal owner on the registration. With the help of Okanogan County Sheriff’s deputies, the man finally returned the car to the woman in Coulee Dam. He was advised that he could file a civil suit against the woman, his niece.

10/11 - An unsecured vacant house on Central Drive was referred to Tribal Police since it was Trust property.

- Police checked on an illegal burn on River Drive. A woman reported that she saw flames shoot straight up in the air near a residence there. Police went to the residence and an occupant said they had started a fire in a fire pit in the backyard and used too much lighter fluid. The woman was told there was a burn ban on. She apologized for starting the fire.

- Police were told that a man was lying on the road near Camas and Central Drive. Police found a man walking nearby, who said he was on his way to Nespelem. The officer asked him to stay off the road.

- Police were called to an apartment complex on River Drive because of a report of a fight. The parties had disbursed prior to the arrival of the officer, but in questioning a woman at the scene, he learned that she was wanted on a Grant County warrant. That woman was arrested. Another woman told the officer that when she returned to her apartment, there was a nude man in her bed. She said he put on a ragged pair of pants and fled the apartment complex. Police were unable to find him.

- Later a woman at the same apartment was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail for violating a no-contact court order.

10/14 - A Grand Coulee officer advised the Coulee Dam police that a vehicle was going toward Coulee Dam and it was evident that the driver was under the influence. The vehicle was stopped in Coulee Dam after it narrowly missed a parked car. The man was issued a DUI and another party took charge of the vehicle.

10/15 - A city employee advised police that there was a dog tied to a telephone pole behind the community church. An officer went to the site and found two women near the dog. One explained that she had been kicked out of the house and had tied the dog there about two hours before. She said she would move the dog to a friend’s house.

10/16 - A woman stopped for an outdated license tab had two warrants out for her arrest from Okanogan County. The woman had two children with her at the time. She said she wasn’t from the area but knew a person in Coulee Dam that could take charge of the vehicle and children. She was taken to jail, and her friend took charge of her vehicle and children.

10/18 - Officers were called to the Coulee House Motel on a report of a disturbance in one of the rooms. The officers learned that a woman and her boyfriend had been arguing about the woman spending money at the casino. But both agreed that there had been no physical altercation.

10/19 - A Spokane driver was pulled over for speeding and was issued a citation when the officer learned that he didn’t have insurance. A check on his record showed he had had two previous insurance problems.

- Dispatch advised an officer that there was a man lying on the ground alongside Roosevelt Way. The officer found a man sitting on a blanket who said he was just resting and didn’t need assistance.

- A driver was stopped because the windshield in the vehicle she was driving was severely cracked. The officer learned that she didn’t have insurance and her license had been suspended. A licensed driver came to pick her up.

10/20 - Officers noticed a man who was trying to start his car on Camas Street. When officers went to the window they could smell alcohol coming from the car and could see an empty pint bottle of Jack Daniels on the floor of the passenger side. The man admitted to having a “few beers” earlier and then later said he had consumed two pints of whiskey. He was arrested and is being charged with DUI and his car was impounded.

- A woman on Camas Street complained that “she couldn’t feel her eyes” and friends stated that when they arrived at the residence the woman was having a panic attack. At first the woman said she didn’t want to go to the hospital, but later she left by ambulance to get medical attention.

10/21 - A man driving a silver BMW was stopped for going 10 mph over the speed limit and the officer found that he was driving while his license was suspended. He was cited for the two offenses and called a friend in Soap Lake to come get him.

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