Obama upholds only the laws he favors

Letters to the Editor


I watched as President Obama was sworn in as President. He placed his hand on the Bible as he took the oath of office swearing he would uphold the Constitution and the laws of United States of America. Lately it appears his word is meaningless.

He gave orders for the Border Agents not to enforce laws pertaining to illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. in July. Obama made matters worse by closing nine Border Patrol Stations of an already stretched force, now leaving only two agents for 26 counties in Texas. The Dream Act is putting Law of Executive Order into effect, allowing 800,000 immigrants to stay in legal limbo.

Last week he told government defense contractors not to issue 60 days layoff notices to employees in accordance with a law he signed. Then he stated that taxpayers would pay any legal expenses for the contractors.

Whose votes will be counted? Military personnel are to have special consideration when voting to ensure their votes can be counted with other voters during the presidential election. However, under President Obama many of our military personnel will not have ballots, but anyone will be able to walk in and cast their votes without having to show picture identification allowing illegal immigrants, criminals and fraudulent votes. President Obama seems to uphold only the laws he favors.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Don’t take my word for it. Look it up for yourself. Don’t allow negative campaign ads to sway your opinion … be an informed voter, because you can make a difference, or will you allow the United States to become a dictatorship.

Penny Rosenberg

Grand Coulee


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