By Jess Utz 

Spirit is alive and well

Jess Shut Up


Homecoming week for LRHS was fun to be a part of and it showed me spirit is alive and well.

The halls of LR were decorated with different genres of music. Rap, country, techno and rock boomed in the halls of Raider Country. During the week, if you ventured in you might have spotted a Jeff Foxworthy type redneck, a hurricane victim or a wave of Raider Pride. The end of the week concludes in a powder puff football game and a boys’ volleyball match. All classes versus classes.

I know that football is a violent sport, but when these girls strap on the flags and get ready to run a sweep left, you better just get outta the way. Many injuries over the year have resulted from the “Powder Puff” event. Should be renamed Black and Blue Bowl.

This year was no different; bruised tailbones, scratches and injured egos scattered the sidelines. I even heard a rumor of a unnamed class that tied their flags to themselves. Their coach said every edge counts in this game. But after all that, the senior girls prevailed. Hailey Chaney was a Barry Sanders look alike out there. Hillary Carriere recovered two fumbles and Jennifer M. showed us all she wasn’t just another pretty face. The senior boys also dominated the volley game. Nice shorts, Orrin.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Now of course, the real game was Friday night, under the lights of Greene field. It was a cool night, but things warmed up fast with lots of scoring and long plays on both sides. “Fair” Justice DeWinkler had a career night (also homecoming king). “Take It To The” House had a couple picks, including taking one back for a TD. Kodie “Corn Dog” Horn was running like he was promised a case of hotdogs on a stick, plowing through the middle of the field like a snow plow. (Hmm, Kodie just might have got a new nickname, “The Plow.”) The game concluded with a Gatorade shower for first-year Head Coach Steve “X” Files.

I also think we set some kinda record because the royalty for homecoming included two sisters named Reichlin — Jennifer, the junior princess; and Sierra, the queen. Can you imagine what that bathroom looked like when they were done?

There was only one thing missing: The GOAT — I’m just saying.

Congrats to the class of 2013 for the game, for winning Spirit Week, and for setting a good example for following classes to look to.

We have a chance to keep this fall spirit rolling. This weekend is the Coulee Fall Festival. North Dam Park will be a busy place with peddlers peddling their goods. A community yard sale invites locals to come sell their extras, or set up a table of caramel apples and hot cocoa.

Their will be a pet parade Saturday morning. There will be kids’ karaoke. Food, drinks, kids and pets sounds like a great day to enjoy a fall day outside with the whole family. See ya there. Unless, of course, I decide to go hunting.


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