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Grand Coulee Police

10/1 - Coulee Playland reported that someone had taken two full 6-gallon gas cans from boats the firm rents. The loss was reported at $160, and the firm planned to review its security cameras to see if the theft was caught on camera.

- A passenger’s explanation of why he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt didn’t sit too well with an officer who asked him why. The man responded that they had just left the house. When the vehicle was stopped it was a quarter mile away from the driver’s house. The passenger was cited on the seatbelt issue and the driver for not having insurance.

- A woman on Lakeview in Electric City was caught dumping yard waste in an empty lot. When confronted by an officer, she said that the owner of the vacant lot had given permission. But person named said she didn’t own the lot and hadn’t given permission.

10/2 - Police arrested a man, who had lived with his girlfriend for four years and was engaged to be married to her, for domestic violence. The man was charged with causing a cut on his girlfriend’s head by hitting her against a concrete/rock building. There were also injuries to her legs. She refused to name her boyfriend in the assault.

- Police responded to where a pickup blocked West Grand Avenue in Electric City. The officer found that a 4-year-old girl had apparently moved the pickup from the driveway out onto the street. A neighbor nearby stated that when he was going down the street he found the child behind the wheel, crying. The mother was contacted. The officer forwarded the report to Child Protective Services.

10/3 - A man reported to police that he had left his laptop computer on a table outside his trailer on E. Grand Coulee, and in the morning it was gone.

- A woman living on Hill Avenue complained to police that someone was playing their music too loud. Police responded and advised the person to turn the music down, which they did.

10/4 - A Nespelem driver was stopped because one of his brake lights were out. He was pulled over at Main and Federal and the officer noted a strong alcohol odor coming from the car. The driver, whose license was already suspended, was cited for DUI and his car was towed.

- A man on Yakima Street reported that when he returned home from California his television set was missing. He gave the officer the names of some friends he thought would know about the loss and said when he had spoken with one person, she said she would try to get the TV back for him.

Coulee Dam Police

10/1 - Police spotted a driver known for having a suspended license. He was stopped and issued a ticket. A licensed driver took control of the vehicle.

10/3 - Police were called to Lake Roosevelt High School, where officials had caught a female student with a marijuana cigarette. The report has been forwarded to Okanogan County Juvenile authorities.

- A man reported to police that his car had been hit by another car near the Coulee Dam Casino and that he and the other party had shared insurance information.

- A Wilbur man told police that he had found a wallet at North Dam Park and that it belonged to a woman with a Coulee Dam address. He said he tried to return it but no one was home. Police tried to return the wallet but no one answered the door. Police are keeping the wallet in their evidence room until the owner can be reached.

- A woman on River Drive told police that someone had used her bank accounts on two occasion to purchase $100 gift cards. She said that she has changed her accounts and that the two banks involved have refunded her money.

- A woman on Cedar Street reported that a black helicopter with yellow stripes had been hovering and causing dogs to bark. The helicopter was stringing wires across from the Third Powerhouse.

- Police were called to a house on Fir Street where a man had a head injury. He told police that he hit his head when he fell out of a pickup. Police went to the hospital where the man was being treated and medical officials confirmed that the injuries were consistent with that type of a fall.

10/5 - Lake Roosevelt High School reported an intoxicated 16-year-old girl. She was arrested by police and held in an unlocked holding cell until her guardian came to take her home. The incident was reported to Okanogan County Juvenile authorities.

10/6 - Police had a report that a vehicle going down the Coulee Dam hill was bouncing off the guardrail. Police found the vehicle at the bottom of the hill with one person changing a front tire. Police learned that the driver had taken a number of pills about an hour earlier. The driver was taken to Coulee Medical Center for a blood draw, and was later picked up by a sister. She was issued a driving-while-under-the-influence ticket.

- A man told police that a .22 caliber pistol he was loading had gone off while his wife was in the shower at a motel they were staying in. He showed the officer both the spent bullet and the shell casing. The motel manager reported there was no damage.

10/7 - A motorist stopped a police officer and gave him a wallet she had found at the Telford Rest Area. Police attempted to reach the owner at her home and where she worked. The officer left word that police had her wallet.

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