Request: allow chickens in city


Will the chickens come home to roost in Electric City?

A resident of 56 Sunset Drive, Jeremey Miller, asked the city council last Tuesday night to permit chickens in the city.

The idea got a good review from at least two council members.

Bob Rupe, and newcomer to the council, Brad Parrish, both had favorable comments.

Miller said that some communities, including Seattle, allow residents to own four chickens … no roosters to disturb the peace there.

He said that four chickens could supply enough eggs for a four-member family.

Miller stated that any odors from chickens can easily be averted by moving the cages from place to place.

Miller supplied a printed sheet of information about chickens for Mayor Jerry Sands.

Miller stated that he has had chickens for the seven months that he has lived at his residence.

“I want to apologize for having them when the city doesn’t allow it,” he said.

City Clerk Jackie Perman said that the city would look into Miller’s request.

Fresh eggs, anyone?

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