Burned power poles costly to replace


The town of Coulee Dam is looking at about $75,000 in power pole replacement costs, public works director Barry Peacock told council members last Wednesday night,

The Barker Canyon blaze of about three weeks ago severely burned 10 poles and damaged another 15 to the extent that they will have to be replaced.

Peacock said the 25 poles are part of the 55-pole line that extends from near the Bonneville Power Administration line at the top of the hill overlooking the town to the river.

The cost to replace one pole, including labor, Peacock told the council, is about $3,000. That was confirmed by Councilmember Bob Poch, who is associated with Nespelem Valley Electric.

Peacock said he is looking into getting federal disaster assistance money through Okanogan County, and if that fails the town would have to take funds from its power fund.

The poles were not insured.

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