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Grand Coulee Police

9/17 - A woman on 2nd Street in Electric City told police that she was in the process of moving out of a house and that when she went there the next day the front door had been broken into. She asked for special patrols so it wouldn’t happen again.

- Whitley Fuel advised police that a customer reported that a man was harassing customers at their Grand Coulee station. After hearing a description of the man, police recognized who it was and asked if the station would like to have the man banned from the property. The company official responded, “yes,” and police are looking for the man.

9/18 - Police were informed that someone had tried to gain entrance to the Methodist Church in Grand Coulee. Police found that someone had used a red brick to break a window and then worked on the hinges of the door. Entrance was not gained.

- Police found a man wanted on a warrant took him to Grant County Jail. The man had been sought a day earlier for harassing customers at Whitley Fuel and is being banned from there.

9/19 - An officer recognized a man with a Royal City address known to have a warrant out for his arrest. Police stopped him in Electric City near Park Avenue. He was taken to Grant County Jail on the warrant.

9/20 - A business owner in Grand Coulee told police that he had fired an employee for theft and was being harassed by her boyfriend, who demanded the woman be reinstated with a $1-an-hour increase or there would be “hell to pay.” Police are making a report of the incident and told the employer to call if he is contacted by the man again.

- An Electric City woman frantically called police, saying she couldn’t find her daughter. Police arrived at the residence and finally reached the frantic woman who said everything is fine. She had found her daughter under the covers in her bed.

9/21 - An Omak man was stopped because his center brake light was out and it turned out that he was driving while his license was suspended. The registered owner of the car took charge of the vehicle, the driver got a ticket, and everyone was on their way.

- A woman on Electric Boulevard in Electric City tried to get the police involved in a dispute she had with her landlord. Police explained that it was a civil matter and bowed out.

9/22 - A woman reported that while visiting at an Electric Boulevard house she saw a foot-high marijuana plant growing in a pot. Police confiscated the plant and it is in the department’s evidence room.

- USBR Plant Protection reported to police that a dark colored car had pulled up to barriers and started taking pictures. Officials said it was the second car to do so on that day. Police couldn’t find the car.

- Police assisted state liquor control board agents, who had an undercover operation going on Main Street.

9/23 - A Grand Coulee man was cited for littering after being caught dumping tree trimmings on private property in Electric City.

- Police were called to an address on Goodfellow in Electric City, where one man was accused of pulling out a gun during a dispute. A man was banned from the property, and since there was doubt about the gun incident, parties were warned.

9/24 - A woman called dispatch to report that she had locked herself out of her apartment on Continental Heights. An officer helped her get back in her apartment.

9/25 - A business reported that someone had taken a plant from the front of their building. When they went to retrieve the plant, they noticed that there was a knife under it. That’s when they called police.

9/26 - An Electric City man living on School Avenue reported that someone had taken power tools from his residence worth about $625.

9/27 - A woman police knew to be wanted on a warrant in Electric City was recognized, was followed, stopped and taken to Grant County Jail on the warrant.

- A house for sale on Goodfellow in Electric City had several screens off the windows. Police scheduled more drive-bys at that location.

- A woman living on Hill Avenue told police that her former boyfriend had made harassing calls to her and that she was in a custody dispute with him over a young boy. The police report stated that the man had several warrants out for his arrest. The woman was advised that if she saw the suspect to report it to police right away.

9/28 - A house being remodeled on Goodfellow in Electric City had a door and window open. The woman who owns the house said the house should be secure. The officer closed and locked the door.

- Police observed a man and woman in Fuller & Sons car lot. The woman said that one of the cars was open and the officer advised the couple to come back when the lot was open if they were interested in purchasing a car.

- An officer went to the 300 block of Burdin Boulevard when he received a report that some youths were spray painting. The officer found the youths and they said they were spraying with a soda pop can out in the street. They were told to stay out of the street.

9/29 - A customer at Wolf’s Den bar was banned from the premises when she gave the bartender a problem when another customer was cut off from drinks. She left on foot.

- A man who has made numerous suicidal calls called dispatch but wouldn’t say where he was located. Police could not find him.

- A Marysville woman who lost her wallet had it returned by an officer who received a call about the wallet being in a parking lot on Midway Avenue. All the credit cards were intact, but the woman said $80 was missing.

9/30 - Police were called to Coulee Medical Center where a patient was trying to spit on members of the staff. He was restrained and treated after a face shield was placed on him.

- Officers were called to a Park Avenue address where some youth said that a black car had driven down the alley and thrown a ball and later had come back after it. The youth said that someone in the back seat made a racial slur.

- A deer was hit by a vehicle near “A” Street and SR-174. The deer was dead when the officer arrived, and the state highway department was notified.

Coulee Dam Police

9/12 - Two youths were apprehended allegedly taking beer at Harvest Foods and putting it in their backpacks. Police confiscated the backpacks and parents were called.

9/13 - Okanogan County dispatch advised that it had received a call of a fire near city hall. A USBR fire command came to the location and put the fire out. It was reported to be a small fire.

- A woman on Civic Way called police to report that a woman sitting in a vehicle on the street had been there for a long time. Police explained that people have a right to be on city property. They drove by to check on the woman, but no one was in the vehicle.

9/14 - Police checked on a complaint from a guest at the Coulee House Motel of noise coming from an adjoining room. An officer learned that the noise was caused by a man and woman arguing. They were told to hold the noise down as they were disturbing other guests.

- Police were called to River Drive where, reportedly, people were standing around drinking. An officer found a man lying on the ground in front of a vehicle with the front window smashed. He learned that the window was smashed as the result of a man and woman arguing. The man had accused the woman of drinking his “Fireball” liquor. The man lying on the ground had been seen earlier walking around the parking area. The report couldn’t determine why the man was on the ground when the officer arrived.

- A woman was cited for domestic violence and was taken to Grant County Jail on a warrant, after a call sent police to a house on Tulip Street. She had allegedly struck her boyfriend with her fist and scratched his face after an argument about him developing a relationship with her grandmother.

9/18 - Police assisted Tribal Police with traffic control after following up a report that a 12-year-old girl had been hit by a vehicle and was lying alongside the Elmer City Access Road. The girl was taken by ambulance for treatment. Tribal police were in charge of the investigation.

9/19 - A man called police to report that a young deer had been struck by a car on River Drive. The officer had to shoot the animal and a city worker hauled the carcas away.

9/22 - A Holly Street resident called police to report that when she arrived home there were two stray dogs in her yard. One was a black Labrador and the other a pit bull mix. She said the dogs didn’t threaten her. An officer toured the area but couldn’t find the dogs.

9/23 - Three residents of Holly Street were told by police that they needed to clean up their properties to conform with town code.

- USBR Plant Protection advised that four individuals were chasing a 4-door sedan. Police arrived at Riley Point, where three individuals were located. They were advised they shouldn’t be in the road. Police checked on the individuals but all inquiries returned clear.

9/24 - An officer responded to a woman and her husband yelling at each other on Birch Street. The two had a verbal disagreement and had yelled, but that was all.

- A woman on 6th Street reported that someone had entered an apartment storage area and taken a tool set.

- Police advised tribal authorities that a house on Fir Street was in violation of town ordinances and needed to have tall grass and weeds removed from the property.

9/25 - A woman on Stevens Street complained to police about barking dogs from a residence on Douglas. Police had warned the owner of the dogs on at least two occasions and wrote him a $200 citation under the town’s noise ordinance.

9/28 - A man on Lincoln reported that he had it with a dog barking constantly nearby. The police report stated that the man with the barking dog had been warned twice before and this time would receive a citation.

9/29 - A woman on 6th Street reported that someone had scrawled graffiti on the building with a crayon. An officer took pictures of the graffiti.

- A woman who lives on Camas Street reported that she had been punched by a man. Police learned she was wanted on a warrant out of Okanogan County. Police learned who the man was that punched her and will forward the report to the prosecutor for possible charges. The woman was taken to jail on the warrant.

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