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First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has walked with me the past few years as I served as your city council person. Some have walked beside me, other have stood in front of me and others pushing from behind. We all need these people.

I resigned last week from Electric City Council because I guess I think outside the box of the political rules and regulations, and I found myself in between the citizens that I was elected to serve and local government. Something I have struggled with the past few months, and my biggest regret, is that I have to give up Grant County Transit (GTA) position, but Bob Rupe again will now take over the reins.

I do not hold anything against the present city government. I just don’t fit in this box. This being said, I feel I can do as much as a private citizen and not add tension to the large job of running a city like Electric City in these times.

The city council and the governing body has a major task before them and I wish them all the luck, and if they feel that I can be of any help as a citizen of Electric City, I’m available. At this time I will be moving forward to get the “Coulee Pioneer Museum” up and running and the history of the people in the Greater Grand Coulee Area documented. Also, to update the Grand Coulee Dam Lions Spring Canyon Cemetery history.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

The past month I have placed more than 650 headstone pictures of the residents at Spring Canyon on “find a grave” and have approximately 200 more citizens to document. In doing this, I would like to add the personal history to this site to form a history of the people that are buried at Spring Canyon. ( Also, I will continue to promote the Coulee Corridor in trying to get a kiosk in Grand Coulee and promote the area.

Thanks for all your past support, and I hope you will continue to work with the present and future Electric City government to make this one of the greatest little cities around. No, I am not looking for a job.

Birdie Hensley

Electric City


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