Local businesses complain about home mechanic


Owners of two business firms appeared before the Grand Coulee council last Tuesday to complain about a person doing mechanical work at his residence without a business license.

Mike Horne, of MPH, and Jack Madsen of Jack’s Service, both in the vehicle repair business, stated that Donovan Picard, who lives at 431 Grand Coulee Avenue, is doing mechanical work at his home garage without a business license and in a residential zone that doesn’t allow businesses.

Horne and Madsen explained to the council that the city isn’t getting tax revenues from Picard’s operation.

They said it was unfair for them to comply with all the city and state regulations when others are doing business without compliance.

Madsen told the council that he had been through Picard’s operation and that his garage is equipped with everything needed for a mechanic business,

“I even offered to help him set up a mechanic business at one of my locations,” Madsen stated to the council.

The two stated that the city should look into the matter, and Madsen asked to be informed of any action taken by the city.

The two said that Picard charges less in repair fees than they do, while they pay all the taxes and fees, plus overhead to be in business.

Horne said he had researched state law in regard to what he called an “illegal” operation and if anyone wanted the material he developed he would be happy to give it to them.

Councilman Erin Neilson stated that he would like to have it and Horne provided the material to him.

An official stated that a letter asking for compliance was being prepared by the city’s attorney and would be sent to Picard.

Picard, by phone, acknowledged that he did mechanic work out of his home garage, but stated it was mainly for friends and relatives, and he didn’t see anything wrong with that.    

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