Wright debris goes to wrong dump


Mayors asked Monday what went wrong with the debris from Wright Elementary.

The town permit obtained by Elder Demolition to dismantle the old school requires debris from the job go to the Delano Transfer Station.

Transfer station Manager Randy Gumm told the mayors Monday that he only received one load, and that Elder Demolition was hauling the debris directly to the Ephrata landfill, bypassing the local collection point.

The contractor was advised when it took out the demolition permit that it must haul the debris to the transfer station, Coulee Dam town officials stated.

Likely, the demolition company weighed the difference between the prices at the Delano operation ($126 per ton) and the Ephrata landfill ($28 ton) and decided to haul it to the cheaper dumping site.

Gumm told the mayors at their monthly meeting that he had met Elder’s truck hauling a 40-yard bin, on its way to Ephrata while he was on his way back.

Coulee Dam Town Clerk Carol Visker said that it wasn’t possible for her to monitor where contractors take debris, and asked if there was anything after the fact they could do.

Only two of the four mayors showed up for the meeting so no decisions were made.

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