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Grand Coulee Police

8/25 - Police picked up a man at Banks Lake Pub wanted on several warrants. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A woman entering a yard on Division Street to deliver some tomatoes was bitten on the leg by a dog. Police told the owner of the dog that a report would be filed and the incident reviewed for a possible declaration of the dog being dangerous.

- A Montana man was found asleep in his car off Martin Road and the officer could smell alcohol in the car. His license was suspended in both Montana and Washington, and the officer found he had legend drugs. He was cited for the suspension and having legend drugs, his car was impounded and he went to a motel.

8/26 - A woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to Grant County Jail after she left Banks Lake Pub, lay down on the sidewalk and started taking her clothes off. She had had repeated contacts by police including one instance when she lay down in the middle of the street. She left the pub area and went to Stevens Street, where she asked for a glass of water and then lay down on the lawn. That’s where police arrested her.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

8/27 - A woman on Burdin Boulevard reported damage to her vehicles from someone shooting them with a BB gun. There were no suspects.

- The owner of Banks Lake Pub told police that someone had taken food from his establishment over the weekend. He changed the alarm at the building.

8/29 - A Post Falls, Idaho, man was cited for going 40 mph in front of Center School where the speed limit is 20 mph.

8/30 - A woman on Weil Place told police that a man in a city truck pounded on her door and threw rocks at her window, breaking an outer window. She said that she and the man had had a child together. Police contacted the man at the city park on SR-174 who stated that he didn’t do anything.

- An Electric City man wanted on a warrant was spotted driving, and after arrangements were made for an occupant in the car he was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A Soap Lake man wanted on a warrant was stopped and arrested. Police found a hydrocodone tablet in his watch pocket. He told the officer that he had purchased the pants at a thrift store. He was cited for possession of a controlled substance and taken to Grant County Jail on the warrant.

- A woman told police that her son was being disrespectful to her. The boy told police that his mother’s boyfriend was trying to order him around and he didn’t like it.

- A woman in a Hill Avenue apartment called police and told them a woman in her apartment was trying to harm herself. Police went to the location and found that the woman making the call and her young daughter were hiding under the bed in a bedroom and that the woman had not hurt herself as suggested. The woman whose apartment they were in asked that the woman, from Moses Lake be banned from the apartment.

8/31 - A Moses Lake man known to have a suspended license was seen driving and the officer who stopped him found a smoking pipe with marijuana residue in it. This was added to the charges against the man.

- A couple on Burdin Boulevard told police that someone had driven through their residential area and fired a bb gun at car windows.

9/1 - An underage woman driver from Tacoma drove off the dirt road near Osborne Bay and when police arrived they noticed that she had been drinking. She was cited for negligent driving and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive will be receiving an infraction in the mail for his noisy dogs. The dogs have been repeated problems and the owner couldn’t be contacted so the infraction was sent by mail.

9/2 - A transient sitting near the pumping plant smoking a cigar was asked to leave. Later, he was reported as urinating on Spokane Way. He told officers that he was just “hot and tired” and was resting in the shade. He was asked to leave the area.

- Police noticed an Electric City woman wanted on a warrant walking near Riley Point, just below Grand Coulee Dam. The officer waited until the woman arrived at his car, arrested her and took her to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Dam Police

8/27 - An Electric City woman who owns rental property on Civic Way was notified by police that she needed to clean up her property or face a citation for being in violation of Coulee Dam’s ordinance that requires that property be kept so that it isn’t a public nuisance or a fire hazard.

8/30 - Plant Protection told police that two men were walking down SR-155 near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam and later one of them entered an area at the end of the dam that is covered by canvas. Police went to the canvassed area and asked the man what he was doing. He told the officer that there wasn’t any sign saying he couldn’t go inside and he was just looking to see what was in there. The two men, from Tennessee, are employees of a wind farm. Officers checked on them and they were cleared.

- Plant Protection told police that someone in a green Ford Ranger had driven east on Marina Way past the security station and that the area had been closed because of the fire. Police checked on the vehicle and driver and found out it was a Bureau of Reclamation worker checking to see if the fire did any damage to the line.

9/1 - Police checked on a stalled vehicle near the football field and found two men trying to get it started. The officer advised them that if they left the car there to make certain it was secure and to move it as soon as they could.


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