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8/16 - Police found a large white fluffy dog loose on Burdin Boulevard. The dog was taken to the veterinary clinic and later picked up by its owner.

8/17 - A Grand Coulee man was cited for reckless driving and hit and run when the vehicle he was driving left the road on “A” Street and crashed into a utility pole. The vehicle suffered $2,000 damage and the driver had a broken nose which was treated at Coulee Medical Center. The man, after treatment, walked away from the hospital and later called police to talk with them about the incident.

- A Nespelem man was stopped because the officer knew he was suspended from driving. He told the officer that he knew he shouldn’t be driving but was going to the reservation to help fight the fire there. He was also cited for not having insurance.

- Plant Protection advised police that there were two males walking into traffic near the top of the dam and they got into a truck and proceeded up the hill. Police stopped the truck and when they did the two ducked down out of sight. The officer had them show their hands and learned that the two were intoxicated. They were told if they did anything that required contact again then they could be arrested. They said they understood.

8/18 - Police were advised of an animal cruelty issue on Electric Boulevard in Electric City. The officer found a Labrador-type dog in the yard of a residence there with no food or water, and was told the dog had been there about two to three days. The temperature at the time was near 100 degrees and the dog was panting, the report stated. The officer found a pail and drew some water for the dog and tried to confront someone at the house, but no one was home.

- Sunbanks Resort reported that a man was sitting near the restrooms and watching people come and go through binoculars. When confronted by Sunbanks staff, he became agitated speaking about “bunnies running around.” Police were told the man left in a car and they could not find the man.

- Police responded to an unsecured door at the TeePee Drive-in after a customer entered the store and could not find anyone inside. Police left word with the owner that the door was open and later the owner came down and secured the door.

8/19 - A Coulee City woman known to have a suspended license was stopped in Electric City, arrested on a warrant out for her, and taken to Grant County jail. Her car was towed to impound.

- A Grand Coulee man known to have a warrant out for him was stopped in Electric City and taken to Grant County jail.

8/21 - Police arrested a man on Bowen Street for domestic violence and taken to Grant County jail. The woman victim said the man threw two beer cans at her hitting her in the chest and that he grabbed her necklace breaking it.

8/21 - Police responded to a domestic violence call on Bowen Street, and found a man who had just gotten out of jail on an assault incident arguing with a woman over a Seahawks ticket and other matters. He said he had three Seahawks tickets but she demanded one and that was part of the argument. The woman said she still had bruises from the earlier assault. Police advised the man to take the issue to a small claims court and he left the area.

- Police checked on a dog inside a vehicle at Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City. The dog was OK, according to the report.

8/22 - Dispatch advised that a dangerous man on Washington Street in Electric City had a handgun. When police arrived the man was leaving the house with a bag of clothing and was told to raise his shirt to make certain that he didn’t have a gun. He told police that he had a condition that caused him to say things before he had time to think about them. He was put in contact with mental health officials, who told police that he wanted to go to Spokane where he had resources for his problem with the Veterans Administration. He was escorted to the Grant/Lincoln County line.

- An Electric City man was banned from Sunbanks Lake Resort and campsites on Osborne Bay after he caused a ruckus with officials at Sunbanks.

- An Electric City man living on West Grand Avenue, was banned from both Sunbanks Lake Resort and Osborne Bay campsites for disturbing people. When confronted at Osborne Bay, the man said he was just “looking at the stars.”

- The owner of a residence on Ronald Drive told police that there were people at the home she owned who were not supposed to be there and she wanted them banned from the house. Police told them to leave, which they did.

8/23 - Police checked on a report that a female was walking along SR-155 in Electric City wearing a bra and jeans. Police were unable to locate her. Later the same day a report came in that the woman had been kicked out of Safeway and was at the Post Office “eating things off the roadway.” Police were still unable to find her. Later there was a report that a female just wearing a bra and jeans was seen walking up Spokane Way carrying a big rock. Police were still unable to locate the woman.

8/24 - Plant Protection advised police that a tractor-trailer was blocking a lane near the Visitor Center. The driver said he had recently come from Canada and run out of fuel on the hill. He was questioned about a homemade trailer plate on his rig and said the original had been lost. The man moved the vehicle to a gas station and then went on his way.

- A Canadian vehicle with two occupants was ushered out of the Grand Coulee Dam Project area after they had entered a restricted area.

- Officers checked on a report that a cougar had attacked a small dog on Young Street. The Department of Fish and Wildlife was advised of the report.

Coulee Dam


8/14 - Police assisted an EMS crew take a man who was intoxicated and unconscious from the basement of a house on Tulip Street. The man was taken by ambulance to Coulee Medical Center for treatment.

- Police were called to a residence on Fir Street where a woman stated that her husband had hit her on the leg and twice on the head with his cane. She was taken to the hospital. The man was arrested, and after explaining that he had cancer, it was requested by Okanogan County jail officials that the man get a medical release for incarceration before he would be accepted at the jail. Medical officials at Coulee Medical Center refused the medical release and the man was taken to his father’s place in Electric City.

- A man on Central Drive complained to police that his neighbor’s dog was in his backyard and barking at him. He said it was an on-going problem. Police went to the residence and a relative of the dog’s owner came to the door and her husband helped in getting the dog back in its own yard.

8/15 - Onstar Call Center advised police that a stolen car was located on Stevens Street. The company had disabled the vehicle and a man and a woman, a witness stated, pushed the car to its present location and then got in a pickup truck with another person and drove off. The vehicle was towed to Nespelem.

8/16 - A man on Stevens Street who was cited for his dog running loose and killing a neighbor’s rabbit told police that the rabbit “was bugging my dog.” He was called from his work at the Bureau of Reclamation and told to pen his dog up and fix the hole in the fence where his dog was getting out. The woman who owned the rabbit said she was going into the backyard to feed the rabbit when she found the dog over the rabbit and the rabbit was dead.

- A man on Fir Street backed into a van parked across the street from his residence causing about $1,000 damage to the van and about $500 to his own vehicle.

8/17 - A government vehicle was damaged when a gate closed on the front quarter panel of the vehicle causing $500 to $750 damage. The driver said he didn’t see the gate closing.

8/18 - A juvenile woman known to have an arrest warrant out for her was seen walking on the Coulee Dam bridge, was confronted, arrested and taken to Okanogan County juvenile facility.

8/20 - Police advised occupants of a house on Holly Street that they needed to be out of the house by the next day or they would be arrested for trespassing. The owner of the house is deceased and the people were staying at that location without permission.

- The owner of a dog on Douglas Avenue was advised that his dog is deemed potentially dangerous after it attacked and killed a neighbor’s rabbit. The man was told he needed to follow the city’s ordinance on dangerous dogs or he could be fined as much as $500 a day.

8/21 - Police were called to Tulip Street, where a man was reportedly in a “blacked out stage.” When officers confronted the man, he became violent. Since the tribal member was on trust property Tribal Police were called. After they arrived the matter was turned over to them.

8/22 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was an unwanted vehicle in the upper Visitor Center parking area. Police found a woman staying in her vehicle after hours and advised her she could move her vehicle to the parking area on Sixth Street.

- A woman on River Drive told police that a pit bull mix dog challenged her in her own backyard. She said her own dog, a boxer, got between her and the pit bull dog. She said the pit bull got in her yard because a board on her back fence was loose. Police advised the owner of the pit bull about the issue and he said he would fix the fence.

8/23 - Police are asking that a charge of forgery be filed against a man who allegedly forged a rental authorization form for services at a house on Holly Street.

- A man on Stevens Avenue told police that his German Shepherd had nudged his front door open and bit the mail carrier. He told police that he was going to have his dog put away, but was waiting for the 10-day quarantine to be up. Police said there had been no report of a dog bite.

8/25 - A couple living on River Drive contacted police about a dog that was aggressive owned by a resident on Camas Street. A fence separates the two yards and the couple stated that the neighbor tried to get them introduced to their Great Dane and the woman said while she tried to pet the dog it tried to bite her. The couple said they were afraid that it might bite their children. Police told the owner of the dog to build the fence higher than its four feet and asked that the two parties work together to solve the issue.

8/26 - A person called police to say that someone was on the roof of a house on Sixth Street. A neighbor’s son stated it was an 11-year-old boy waiting for his grandpa who was at the casino. Later police found the boy underneath a car in a parking lot nearby. The grandfather was contacted and said he would take the boy home.

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