Neighborhood dispute heard at council meeting


A Burdin Boulevard dispute between the Toulous and Becky Billups cropped up again at Grand Coulee’s city council meeting Aug. 7.

Shirley Toulou told the council that exhaust generated from vehicles using the graveled parking lot south of their residence is being sucked into their home through their air conditioner. It wasn’t the first time that the Toulous have complained about this. However, this time Mayor Chris Christopherson said city staff would look into the matter, but that it might be a civil issue.

Christopherson had earlier warned the Toulous and Billups that when they appeared before the council they were to address the council, not each other. This time both parties complied with the directive.

The two families have had discussions about Billups’ charge that her neighborhood looked like a “ghetto” and that the city should force the Toulous and other neighbors to clean their properties up.

Toulou stated Tuesday night that she would like to see the letter writing to the Star’s “Letters to the Editor” stop. Both the Toulous and Billups have written to the paper about issues on Burdin Boulevard. Christopherson was quick to note that he didn’t control the newspaper and couldn’t do anything about that.

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Toulou addressed the council about the dust problem and then left the meeting.

Billups addressed the council and stated that there had been some improvements in cleaning up the neighborhood, but not enough.

She again asked the city to enforce its ordinances and continue its efforts in cleaning up Burdin Boulevard.


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