If you want it …


A study that determined the local market area could support a community wellness center — where people could swim and exercise year round, where community events, classes and meetings could be held and that could grow into much more — came as a gratifying confirmation of a long held hunch for many of us.

With that independent confirmation, backed by real numbers instead of guesses, comes a new demand on this community: figure out if you really want it, then do what it takes to make it happen.

Several years ago, a group tasked with thinking of how to meet community needs settled on an idea that seemed to incorporate answers to many of them — a community center.

Today, those needs do not seem to have been resolved. Anecdotally, we hear often of workers who decide to move on because there just isn’t much to hold them here in the way of community amenities. We reached a low point when Coulee Dam’s pool closed, and it’s up to the community to rebuild.

The new report says that’s totally feasible.

Start discussing this with your friends and neighbors. Talk to folks on your city council, the park district, the school district, the hospital district. Leaders are going to need input.

Are things in this community just good enough the way they are, or should we want more for each other, for our kids, for ourselves.

I say yes, we should.

Scott Hunter

editor and publisher

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