Coulee Cops

reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee

7/23 - A Hoquiam, Wash., driver was stopped for having expired license tabs. When informed why he was stopped he said, “no way” and got out to see for himself. He said the vehicle belonged to his daughter. He received a $216 citation.

- USBR Plant Protection told police that there was a suspicious person behind the administration area. Police didn’t find anyone.

- A Puyallup driver was stopped because she had a headlight and brake light out and finally was cited for not having insurance.

- A New York driver who planned to spend the night in his vehicle at the Visitor Center parking lot was directed to Osborne Bay after being advised that there was no camping at the Visitor Center.

7/24 - A woman moving into an apartment at Continental Heights told police that someone had blocked her vehicle with a van and when asked to move it said they would in about an hour. The manager of the apartment complex came out and moved it.

- Police tried to locate the daughter of a woman who said she had been gone about three weeks and that when she had tried to report the daughter as a runaway she was told that if she knew where the girl was, she couldn’t be a runaway. Police went to a residence on Weil Place, but no one answered the door.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

7/25 - An Electric City woman was stopped and later cited for driving while under the influence after failing a field sobriety test. Her car was towed.

- A man on Sunset in Electric City was arrested for domestic violence and taken to Grant County Jail. The couple told the officer that the two were arguing over whether the toilet was leaking.

7/26 - A Soap Lake woman living in an apartment on Federal Avenue was warned about leaving her dog out all day without food and water. The officer was called to the apartment because the dog was all tangled up in its leash and couldn’t reach the water dish. The temperature at the time was 90-95 degrees. The woman was told if it happened again she would be cited for cruelty to animals.

7/27 - Police assisted a tribal officer who had a suspect in custody in Electric City on an assault charge. A search of the Omak resident found that he possessed packets of a white powder that field tested as methamphetamine. Police are asking the Grant County prosecutor to file charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia against the man.

- Police responded to a domestic violence call on Spokane Boulevard where a witness told of a fight between a man and a woman. The man was arrested and police are seeking the woman, who left on foot before their arrival.

- A Nespelem man said that he had loaned his car to a woman who didn’t return it and was reported to be in Spokane. He filed a stolen car report.

- A caller told police that he noticed a vehicle at Jess Ford that was leaking something. Police determined it was gas and asked the dispatcher to notify company officials and get a fire engine there.

- A couple who had been on a camping trip returned home to find that several “state” quarters, a cell phone, some nail polish and a shower curtain were missing. The couple told police that a certain party had a key to the place and was supposed to be watching it. They said some drug residue was present by their computer when they returned. Police are trying to find the person who was watching the house.

7/28 - A report of a found child was directed to police, who recognized the 22-month old girl. She was found playing in a lot two blocks from her home on Weil Place. An officer took the child home and was told that the child’s 14-year-old sister was supposed to be watching the child. The incident is being reported to Child Protective Services.

- A woman was stopped when an officer noticed some juveniles riding in the back of her pickup leaning on the tailgate. The officer noted that the woman had a suspended license, was not wearing her seatbelt and had two small children in the front seat without restraints. She was cited for those infractions, plus not having insurance.

7/29 - Officers responded to a burglary in progress at Lake Roosevelt High School and noted that a Coulee Dam officer had a suspect in custody. The officers checked out the building to see if there were others inside, but couldn’t find anyone.

7/30 - A man from Holland was questioned about passing three “officials only” signs to gain access to the top of the dam. He advised police that he was a physics teacher and the dam was “all physics.” His story checked out and the man went on his way.

Coulee Dam

7/23 - Officers arrested a Grand Coulee woman allegedly involved in a burglary on Douglas Avenue, and a man wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant. Police took both to Okanogan County Jail. Grand Coulee police had stopped the vehicle they were in after hearing of the incident on a dispatch call and held the vehicle for Coulee Dam officers.

7/25 - Officers tried to locate a boater in distress who had reported that his motor wasn’t functioning and he was drifting on the river near Seaton’s Grove. Later the boater advised dispatch that another boater had come to his assistance.

7/27 - Police informed six residents of Camas Street, one on River Drive and two on Central Drive that their properties were in violation of the town’s ordinance and they needed to clean up their properties or be cited.

- A woman at Coulee Dam Casino reported to police that her car had been stolen. She said she had loaned it to her brother, who said he lost the keys to the car and that it was parked in the casino parking lot.

7/28 - A 911 call had ended, the dispatcher stated, with the sound of someone vomiting. Police went to the Central Drive location where the call was made, but couldn’t find anyone.

7/29 - A man on Spruce Street advised police that a man was kicking the door of Lake Roosevelt High School trying to gain entrance. Police arrived and saw the suspect run and eventually found him. He had entered the building through a window and then exited the building. Police stated that he had a smoking pipe in his pocket as well as a baggie with green leafy material inside that tested positive for marijuana. The man, 19, had cut his arm entering through the kicked-out window. He was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

- Plant Protection was advised of a vehicle in the Washington Flats area and asked police to check it out. The officer found a man and woman collecting spent shells for his hobby of reloading shells.

7/30 - Residents on Fir, Pine and Holly Streets were advised that their properties were in violation of the town’s ordinance and told to clean up their properties.


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