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Grand Coulee Police

7/15 - Officer Dan Holland responded to a Regional Tactical Response Team call in Moses Lake and assisted in serving a search warrant for an armed gang member. The man was also known to be an illegal immigrant. Police found a woman in the house, but the man was not there.

- Police were informed that a woman had a 9mm gun and planned to shoot someone. Police went to the area where the woman was supposed to be located and asked about her at a residence on Burdin Boulevard. The person there said the woman in question had left her purse there. There was no gun inside the purse, and the person said he hadn’t seen a gun. Police continued to look for the woman.

7/16 - An Electric City driver who told police he was just “screwing around” and “showing off” and lost control and his car skidded into the chain link fence at the Delano transfer station. There was about $1,000 damage to his vehicle and $3,000 damage to the fence. The report said the man was speeding and lost control of his vehicle.

- Officer Dan Holland reported that he hit a deer with his patrol car on Pinto Ridge near Coulee City causing about $2,500 to the vehicle.

- A Woodinville man camping at Sunbanks Resort showed police a large dent in his SUV and thought it might have been caused while his wife was shopping at Safeway. The officer told the man that it looked more like the SUV had been struck by a blunt instrument and the man agreed.

7/17 - Police were called to check on three suspicious persons behind the Tee Pee Drive-In. Police found two men, obviously intoxicated, walking on Van Tyne. They were told to stay on the sidewalk.

7/18 - Police found a man looking at the Coulee Dam project through binoculars. The man explained that he was watching the drilling operation on the power line project and that he used to do the same before he retired. He said officers had checked on him several times in the past.

- A woman who lives on Batchelor Square was warned about her barking dogs. She told police that her son would check on the dogs when she was out of town.

7/19 - A 4-year-old boy was found on Spokane Way and taken to Flo’s Cafe. The child was from an apartment about five blocks away. The mother explained that “our nap times overlapped.” The report is being sent to Child Protective Services.

- A Vancouver, Wash., man was asked to leave Sunbanks Resort over an occupancy argument. He was going to try to work out the dispute with the resort manager when she arrived.

- A National Park Service ranger asked for assistance in giving a DUI breath test. The Grand Coulee woman blew two tests showing 0.253 and 0.265, compared to the legal limit of 0.08.

- The owner of Banks Lake Pub advised police of a suspicious vehicle behind his establishment and thought it might be people planning to break into his pub. Police contacted those in the vehicle and found two Bureau of Reclamation visitor tour guides who were just seeking a quiet place to park.

- A Coulee Dam man told police that he had found a manhole cover about five feet off the sewer hole and put it back in place.

7/20 - A Soap Lake man was stopped near the rodeo grounds for operating a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. While checking on the man, it was learned that he had a suspended operator’s license. He was cited on both accounts.

- A pub owner in Electric City asked that an Electric City man be permanently banned from his establishment. He said the man was intoxicated and asked to leave, then came back and was told to leave again.

7/21 - A Keller man was pulled over when he failed to stop at an intersection at Federal Avenue and Spokane Way. When the officer went to the vehicle window, the driver had a can of beer in his hand. He was cited for failing to stop, having an open alcohol container in his hand, driving while intoxicated, having marijuana in his possession and operating a motor vehicle without an interlock system as required of him.

- Coulee Medical Center advised officers that two intoxicated men were going to leave the area in a vehicle. The two said they didn’t intend to move the vehicle and didn’t understand how it got to the hospital in the first place. Later the officer was advised that the pair had returned to the vehicle and driven off.

7/22 - An Omak woman was cited for assault on two women at the Wolf’s Den on Main Street in Grand Coulee. Witnesses said the suspect slammed the door on one woman and struck her, then struck another woman. She was cited and released to a family member.

- A man at Lakeview Avenue NE said he had been assaulted by a tree trimmer with whom he had some disagreement about when the job would be done. He said the tree trimmer hit him in the face with his fist. Upon learning that the police were being called the tree trimmer left. His identity was established and officers are looking for him since he was already wanted on a warrant for his arrest.

- The Omak woman who had been involved in an assault at Wolf’s Den the night before, returned with her sister, who told the bartender that the woman wanted to press charges. The bartender asked police to ban the women from the tavern. Later the Omak woman called police, who advised her that the two of them were banned from the bar.

Coulee Dam Police

7/18 - A woman on Stevens Ave. reported to police that her neighbor was playing opera music too loud. An officer went to the residence and could hear opera music coming from a portable CD player. The music at that time didn’t appear to be too loud, according to the report. The woman was advised to report to police again if the music was too loud.

7/19 - Police were asked by a minister at Sacred Heart Hospital to get in touch with a man to let him know his mother was in the hospital. By the time the son was found, he had already heard about his mother.

7/20 - A woman living on Central Drive reported that a tree limb on one of the city’s trees had broken off during the storm, breaking out a window in her vehicle and putting a dent in the rear panel.

7/22 - Police checked on a fisherman who was fishing between security station two and the buoy lines at Grand Coulee Dam. Plant security told the officer that fishing was allowed in the area.

7/23 - Police informed a homeowner on Tulip Street that he was in violation of the town ordiance for not keeping his property up.

7/24 - An officer driving back from Okanogan County Jail struck a deer with his patrol car near mile marker 68, killing it. The officer’s report stated that he was traveling about 55 mph at the time of impact.

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