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6/29 - A two week lapse of not reporting a hit and run incident at Safeway parking lot was questioned by police. The woman was told to ask Safeway if they had anything on tape from their security cameras.

- A man on E. Grand Avenue complained that his girlfriend threw her cell phone at him and it dented his vehicle. Everything worked its way out and the woman got her cell phone back.

- The driver of a delivery truck, reported as swerving all over the road and nearly causing an accident, told police that the load he was carrying was heavy on one side causing the vehicle to appear to be swerving.

6/30 - Police went to the lower parking lot below the Visitor Center at Grand Coulee Dam to check on a man who had fallen with his motorcycle and complained of shoulder pain. EMS personnel arrived and the officer cleared the scene.

- An Idaho woman was cited for reckless driving and driving while under the influence after the vehicle she was driving ran into stacks of bricks across from Coulee Hardware. She told police that she was trying to spin out to impress her friends.

7/1 - A Vancouver, Wash., man was cited for driving while under the influence after an officer noticed his vehicle going over the fog line.

- A woman from Electric Boulevard in Electric City complained to police of a strange noise. The officer heard the noise, which came from the Ridge Riders rodeo grounds, where the sounds of the rodeo was bouncing off the canyon wall.

- A man was cited for criminal trespass at a site on W. Grand Avenue in Electric City. The resident there had asked the man to leave, but he refused and stayed in his vehicle blocking the driveway. Since the driver was also intoxicated, police had the vehicle towed.

- A report that a man was urinating in the parking lot at Electric City Bar and Grill brought police to the area. In talking with the man, who was from Keller, it was learned that he had trouble with his heart and was outside because of it.

7/2 - A man who lives on Stevens Street in Electric City loaned a vehicle to another Electric City man who failed to return it. Police found the vehicle at the man’s home who borrowed it. The man who owned the vehicle didn’t want to press charges.

- Officers picked up a black and white pitbull running loose on Spokane Boulevard and took it to the vet clinic. The dog didn’t have a license tag.

- Washington State Patrol reported cattle in the roadway five miles west of Grand Coulee on SR-174. An officer checked on the report but couldn’t find any cows.

7/3 - A woman camping at a primitive campsite on Osborne Bay reportedly was assaulted by another woman. The victim thought the person who allegedly assaulted her and five others drove off in a car and was at a residence on A Street in Grand Coulee. The victim was taken by ambulance to Coulee Medical Center for treatment and the officer went to the “A” Street location. No one at that location came to the door.

- A woman told officials at Coulee Medical Center that she had been stripped naked, assaulted and thrown out of a motorhome. Officers talked with the woman, but she would only talk for a short time and didn’t want to say any more. Since the alleged incident happened in Grant County, the sheriff’s department there got the report for possible action. The next day police received a call from the same woman, who said she was going to a Grant County address in Delano to get her purse. The officer was told that the woman’s father was coming to the address and might have a gun. The man was told he needed to leave the area.

- An Electric City man told police that his brother, who was renting his travel trailer, had left the trailer court where it was located and took the trailer. He told police he wanted to press charges.

7/4 - An officer responded to an assault charge at Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City and was confronted by an angry man who was uncooperative and abusive. Another person at the address resented the type of questions the officer was asking. The officer cleared the scene since the two were abusive.

- A man told police that his $2,500 bicycle had been taken from his residence on Grand Coulee Avenue.

- Safeway reported an intoxicated man was passed out at one of its picnic tables. The man was banned from the store for one year. Later, he appeared in the store’s parking lot causing problems and was taken by police to the Coulee Dam Casino, where he expected to get a ride home.

- A woman visiting her family in Electric City advised officers that a person who had a no contact order kept trying to contact her and when she answered one phone call she felt threatened by the man.

- A man from Sumner, Wash. reportedly was seen attempting to take a park bench in front of the Senior Center. Patrons at a nearby business made him put the bench back. Officers contacted the man inside the Wolf’s Den bar and he denied that he tried to take the bench. He was cited and then driven to his campsite since the man had had too much to drink.

7/5 - A Nespelem man was causing a problem at Coulee Medical Center and an officer did an assist while Tribal Police picked the man up.

- An officer noticed a driver who was known to have a suspended license and stopped him. The officer noticed a woman lying in the back seat who was known to have a warrant out for arrest. The car was towed, the driver cited and the woman taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police checked on a report of a woman impeding traffic near Jess Ford. They found a somewhat intoxicated barefoot woman carrying roller blades. The woman asked for a ride to her residence in Delano saying she was afraid to walk there because she was afraid of people in the bushes. She was given a ride to her residence.

7/6 - An East Wenatchee man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail and is being charged with assault after he spit in the face of a medical provider at Coulee Medical Center after being transported there by ambulance for a head trauma and intoxication incident.

- A Renton man who parked his motorcycle in a handicapped space at Safeway was cited by police.

- Police arrived at a Park Avenue address in Electric City to see two men fighting. They stopped when the officer arrived. Checking their identities, the officer found one of them wanted on a warrant. He was taken to jail.

- A man talking on his cell phone while driving came close to hitting a police patrol car. When he went by the officer, he waved at him. The officer stopped the man and he was cited for talking on the phone while driving, and for not having insurance.

- A National Park Service ranger reported to officials that he had an intoxicated man under control and was at the police station, where he wanted to use the alcohol testing instrument.

7/7 - About 40 people were evicted from Sunbanks Resort. As they left it was reported that they were throwing beer cans around.

- Police responded to a mother-daughter argument on Burdin Boulevard, where the daughter, a juvenile, was told to do as her mother requested.

7/8 - A man on Burdin Boulevard slit both wrists. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center for treatment and then was told he was banned from returning to the residence.

Coulee Dam


6/25 - An Omak man told police he didn’t remember anything about the night before, but woke up walking home. He said he didn’t know where he was or who he was with. He said he didn’t know if his cell phone had been stolen or he lost it.

6/27 - Police checked on a vehicle parked at a known drug house on Holly Street and learned that the driver’s license was suspended. Police watched the vehicle and stopped it when it left the house. Upon speaking with the driver, the officer found some cigarette papers and learned that she and a man had stayed at the house because they had been intoxicated the night before. She gave the officer consent to search the vehicle and some marijuana and a smoking pipe was found. After the woman admitted that the items were hers, she was cited for driving while suspended and for possession of marijuana and the smoking device.

- A man on Pine Street reported that hand power tools were missing from his unlocked garage. Value was estimated at $600.

6/28 - An officer noticed that a car parked at a motel had expired license tabs. As the car pulled away the officer stopped it and the woman driving it was cited for the license tab violation.

- A man reported that a tree at the Mormon Church had been vandalized. A large section of bark had been removed.

6/29 - A man was stopped near Pole Park because he and a passenger were not wearing their seatbelts. They received a warning for this but the man was cited for not having insurance.

6/30 - A woman was stopped when the officer saw that her vehicle brake light was out, and learned that the driver had a Department of Corrections warrant out for her arrest. She was taken to Okanogan County jail.

7/3 - A child had a carbon-fiber arrow land about 6-8 feet from him while he was playing in his backyard at a residence on Sixth Street. Police toured the area but couldn’t find anyone with a bow.

- A motorist was stopped on Columbia Avenue for not wearing his seatbelt. When checking the identity of a passenger, the officer learned that he had a warrant out for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to Okanogan County jail.

7/6 - A woman on Douglas Avenue complained to police that a dog was constantly barking and that it was happening frequently. Police went to the residence and found that there were two dogs at the house, and wrote the owner of the dogs a warning ticket.

7/9 - The owners of two houses on Holly Street were advised by police that they needed to clean up their properties or they would be cited. Officers also advised four residents on Central Drive that their properties were in violation of city codes.

- Police advised four residents on Camas Street that their properties were in violation of city codes and that they must correct the problem or be cited.

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