Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee

6/24 - Police told a homeowner on Silver Drive in Electric City to keep his dogs quiet. He said he would.

- Dispatch advised police that a white Dodge Avenger was leaving Coulee Dam headed south on SR-155, and someone had seen a small child climb into the trunk. Police watched for the car for 20 minutes but it didn’t show up.

6/25 - An Electric City man who lives on Miller was cited for theft of rented/leased property and possession of stolen property after he failed to return a saw from Coulee Hardware. He had asked another person to rent the saw since the store would not rent to him again after a previous problem. The person who rented the saw was picked up on an unrelated warrant and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A man accused of damaging a fence at a home on Burdin Boulevard will be charged with malicious mischief and trespassing.

- Police were advised that someone had taken the lock off a storage unit at Morrison and Van Tyne Avenue and taken a mini-refrigerator valued at about $300.

6/26 - A woman living on Yakima Street told police that a Nespelem man bit her and bruised her. The man told police that the woman had gone to the store to get a pizza, and when she wouldn’t fix it he dragged her into the kitchen. The woman stated that she had asked the man to leave several times and he refused. The man was cited for assault and taken to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A woman on Hill Avenue told police that a man living on Burdin Boulevard had entered her home and taken a laptop computer without permission, Police are drawing up burglary charges against the man. Later the same day the individual was seen driving a stolen BMW valued at $8,000 to $14,000.

- A woman in Electric City told police that someone had taken her cat and when it returned home someone had tied its leg over its head and that she had taken it to the veterinary clinic. She said a second cat she had was missing and she thought a boy in her neighborhood had something to do with it.

- A man reported that his phone charger had been stolen. He provided point of sale information and that the value of the charger including shipping was $3.99.

- A woman told police that her bank reported to her that there had been some strange activity on her bank card. The card was cancelled and a new one issued. There had been no completed transactions on the questionable activity.

6/27 - A man who lives on “B” Street in Grand Coulee was stopped when an officer noticed he was talking on his cell phone while driving. After field sobriety tests the man was given a DUI and cellphone citation.

- A woman reported to police that sometime during the night an unknown party had stolen the license plate off her car.

- A Grand Coulee man was cited for traveling 14 mph over the speed limit on Martin Road. When the officer tried to explain how to contact the court system, the man said, “This isn’t my first one.”

6/28 - A man who lives on Electric Boulevard in Electric City reported a “Dingo”-type dog was in his backyard barking and preventing him from sleeping. Police came but couldn’t find the dog.

Coulee Dam

6/25 - A woman on Cedar Street reported a long history of domestic violence and said her husband had allegedly abused her for nearly 20 years, the latest incident in early June. Police contacted the man, who admitted the June incident. He was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail on the domestic violence issue.

6/27 - Police assisted EMS personnel with an Elmer City man who had fallen out of bed.

- Police and fire department officials checked the Coulee Dam Casino after a fire alarm sounded. Officials couldn’t find anything wrong.

- Police stopped a vehicle with expired tabs and found a juvenile driver who didn’t have a license and three other females, all juveniles. The girl told police that her mother had loaned her the car. Police cited the girl for driving without a license, and they are sending the mother a citation for allowing her vehicle be driven by an unlicensed person.

- Police served a court subpoena on a Fir Street resident.


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