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District gets ready to hire contractors


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A group of contractors Tuesday listen to the details of destruction, including how much of the walls of Wright Elementary must be disposed of as hazardous waste — including the wooden studs, which can’t be cleaned of hazardous asbestos in the interior of the walls.

The Grand Coulee Dam School District board has set a special meeting for July 11, to select a construction management firm for the K-12 school project, and to award a contract for the demolition of the vacated A.E. Wright Elementary School building.

The district is advertising for interested parties to bid on the demolition of the school, and Tuesday interested companies were here for a walk- through of the school as they scramble to prepare bids due no later than 3 p.m. July 11.

The board will open bids at that time and then award the bid during an evening meeting scheduled for 6 p.m.

Throughout the day, on July 11, the board will be interviewing five firms that have shown an interest in managing the construction project of the $31 million facility. By state law the district must hire a management firm to assist in following the construction detail and working with the architects, Design West.

The five firms are: lOAC, from Spokane; CFG, from Vancouver, Wash .; Hill International from Spokane; Herry International, from Seattle; and Wenaha Group, Pendleton, Ore.

The project is scheduled to go out to bid in January, 2013, with construction to begin that spring.

Occupancy of the new facility is scheduled for school opening in the fall of 2014.

The management firm will work with all parties, including the general contractor, to see that the project stays on schedule.

At a school board meeting Monday night, Design West architect Cameron Golightly went over some changes in the overall plan -- mainly some parking changes and preliminary grounds ideas.

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Reader Comments

Jeff writes:

It is awesome this community will be getting a new school & I appreciative our representatives & everyone who has been working so hard to make this happen. I think the input from the community is important in making this school what we want it to be. I would like to add my input for all to research, because all across the country it is happening now. The new health care system has passed & part of what is being implemented is called school based health clinics. On the surface is seems to be a great idea. Your child would not have to leave the school to get medical attention & if you do not have private insurance, that is where it will be cheapest for your child to go. At first, you may have to sign a release for your child to go to the clinic, but what if the law says your child could go and seek medical attention without your consent. In some cases it already does, ie the ballard student who left the school and got an abortion with no parental consent. What if the principal and teacher believe your child has a problem like ADHD or they are sent to receive a mental health screening, which may include questions like, how many firearms are in your household etc. This is big Pharma's dream come true. Your children could receive the morning after pill, condoms, birth control etc without parental permission. Please research and prove me wrong or right, I'm ok with either. My only hope is that people become aware and we discuss this, so we are not blindsided when it comes to pass