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Coulee Dam

6/11 - A man who said he was wanted on a warrant turned himself in at the police department. Dispatch confirmed the warrant from Douglas County. He was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

6/12 - A woman was stopped for following another vehicle too closely. Upon checking, the officer found that the woman’s driver’s license was suspended. The woman was warned on following too close, failing to transfer title, for not having a valid insurance card and not having her driver’s license on her person. She was cited for driving while suspended and a passenger took charge of the vehicle.

- An Idaho driver, stopped for passenger not wearing a seatbelt, was cited for driving while suspended and for not having insurance. The passenger received a warning for not wearing a seatbelt.

- An Elmer City man complained to police about an officer parked at the bottom of the Elmer City Access Road and checking traffic. The man said it was tribal land and claimed it was illegal for police to do that. He also said it was illegal for an officer to park behind signs, bushes or houses. He said he would take his complaint to the Washington State Patrol.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

6/13 - Plant Protection advised police that there was a large motorhome parked in the Visitor Center apparently parked for the night. Police rapped on the motorhome and advised the owner that they could park along Sixth Street. The man moved his motorhome.

6/14 - An officer observed a male and female on a motorcycle at Mead and Columbia when the cycle fell over. The officer assisted and found that the male rider was under the influence of alcohol. He wrote a DUI ticket.

- Police checked on a report that a bunch of brush had been dumped on Bureau of Reclamation property near the Elmer City Access Road.

6/15 - Police went to a residence on Aspen Street to assist EMS personnel to lift an elderly man into an ambulance.

- Police noticed a female driver known to be suspended driving a vehicle. She had been told earlier in the day about driving and had been warned six times earlier. She was cited again.

6/16 - Police noticed a driver crossing the center line and bumping the curb. He was issued a DUI citation. His car was towed.

- Police checked out a man who had taken a 16-foot-long pipe to the recycling center. He said the pipe held heavy conduit from the dam. After checking the story out, the officer cleared the call.

- A man tried to turn onto the “rez” to avoid a ticket but got a citation for having expired tabs.

- A man was arrested for residential burglary on Camas Street after he admitted he had entered the house through the bathroom window to get his “pot” inside. He was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

- A woman from Omak advised police that she had received text messages from a youth saying he planned to jump to his death. Police were unable to locate him.

6/17 - Police checked on a man on River Drive who was reported as suicidal. The man answered the door along with his mother and said he was not contemplating suicide.

- Police checked on a Level 3 sex offender who reportedly was in Mason City Park. The man wasn’t doing anything wrong and was not in violation of his status.

6/19 - A local resident told police that he thought he had seen a drug transaction, and he gave a description of one of the persons. Police found the man, questioned him and he agreed to a search. Police didn’t find anything.

6/20 - An officer noticed that a driver wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. She didn’t think she needed to wear a seatbelt on the reservation. The officer found that she was wanted on two warrants. She was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail.

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6/22 - A woman on Stevens Avenue complained to police that her neighbor’s compost pile was creeping into her yard, their garage light was shining into their bedroom window and that the neighbor played opera music too loud. The officer suggested that she talk with her neighbors about the problem.

- An officer noticed two young looking females go to a tobacco store. When one came out she handed something to the other girl who put something in her pocket. The officer stopped the two and asked their ages. The one who purchased a pack of cigarettes was 18, but had no identification and the other was only 16. The officer took the two back to the store and asked why they had sold a pack of cigarettes to a girl that looked young and didn’t have identification. The clerk said that she was told by another clerk that it was okay. The officer had the clerk take the unopened cigarettes back and refund the money to the two. Then he warned them of what they had done.

Grand Coulee

6/19 - An officer was suspicious when a vehicle kept following him at night and all the way to the officer’s residence. One of the persons in the vehicle told the officer that he had a warrant out for him and he just wanted to turn himself in. The officer made sure he got his wish and took him to Grant County Jail.

- Plant Protection advised police that a semi and trailer were parked in a limited access area. Police checked the vehicle but couldn’t immediately find the driver. Later, talking with the driver, it was stated that someone working at the dam advised him he could park there while waiting to deliver items to the project.

- Okanogan Home Monitoring center asked police to check on a woman living on Spokane Way because they had lost the signal to a bracelet she was supposed to be wearing. After pounding on the door for several minutes the woman finally came to the door and was wearing her bracelet. The agency was notified.

- Police were called to the Wolf’s Den where a bartender had asked for assistance when four people who had been refused service refused to leave. Police found one woman, 20, who had been drinking. She was cited and the four agreed to leave the keys to their vehicle with the bartender since no one apparently had a license. Later police were advised that two of men went inside the bar again and demanded the keys. They were given the keys and police were advised and stopped the car near pole park. The driver was cited for not having a license and driving while under the influence.

6/20 - Plant Protection advised police that someone was waving a homemade flag in the upper parking lot at the Visitor Center and acting strange. Police found that it was a group of people from a gospel mission organization who were not doing anything wrong.

- Grant County PUD reported that someone had tampered with a junction power box and was obviously trying to steal services. The service had been turned off at the Main Street location a week earlier. The resident said he didn’t know what happened to the junction box.

- A woman on West Grand Avenue in Electric City reported that someone had damaged her vehicle during the night.

- A woman on West Grand Avenue in Electric City reported to police that someone had stolen several gallons of gas from her vehicle.

6/21 - Police stopped a woman who was talking on her cell phone while driving. They learned she didn’t have insurance. She was cited for both offenses.

- An Electric City man was stopped for not wearing his seatbelt. He was cited for that and for not having insurance.

6/22 - An Electric City man advised police that someone had taken a large antique blacksmithing hammer from near a building on Taylor and Kent. He said the item weighed about a ton.

- Police were called to Coulee Medical Center, where a 22-month-old girl was being treated for a dog bite. The officer learned from another child that the girl had been bitten by a dog at a West Grand Avenue residence in Electric City. The owner of the dog had stated to police that the child had fallen on a rake. Medical staff attending the child said the punctures were consistent with a dog bite.

6/23 - A man who gave an Omak address was cited for vehicle prowling after he crawled inside a vehicle behind the liquor store. The owner of the car said she had not given the man permission to be in her car.

6/24 - Police checked on an alarm at Les Schwab Tires on Spokane Way. After checking inside, the officer determined that spider webs might have triggered the alarm.


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