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6/8 - A man on Sunset in Electric City advised police of automatic gunfire from the Osborn Bay area. Police responded and found a person shooting with a “slide stock” creating near-automatic firing speed.

- A Nespelem man was stopped because he and a passenger were not wearing seatbelts. The two were cited for this and the driver was cited for not having registration present and not having insurance.

6/11 - A dog named “Kujo” backed an Electric City worker up against his truck and made threatening motions on West Grand Ave. Police advised the owners of the dog that they needed to keep it penned up or on a leash and that the next time police were called about the dog, owners would be cited.

- A woman reported to police that she was being harassed by a couple via text messaging. She said she had received so many text messages that her phone wouldn’t work. Police said to inform those sending the messages to stop, and not to answer them, and hold them for police.

- A woman who lives on Crest Drive in Electric City called police to say she had in her possession two dogs that had been running loose. When police couldn’t reach the owners of the dogs, which were unlicensed, the dogs were taken to the veterinary clinic.

6/12 - A woman reported that a glass-top table on her deck had broken during the night. Police could not find any explanation for the broken table.

6/13 - A woman running on Ludolph Road in Electric City said a medium-sized dog came out and snarled and showed its teeth. Police told owners of the dog to keep it indoors.

- A Spokane driver was stopped on West Grand Avenue in Electric City and cited for failing to stop at an intersection, having no insurance and no registration.

- A Moses Lake driver was cited in Electric City for talking on her cell phone while driving.

6/14 - Having an open beer container, and then tossing it in the back of a pickup when he saw an officer in a patrol car, earned an Electric City driver a ticket. He was also cited for not wearing his seatbelt.

6/15 - A woman from Electric City told officers that her billfold was stolen from her car while she was in Safeway cashing a check.

- An 18-year-old Grand Coulee man was cited for not wearing his seatbelt and for not having insurance.

- Police checked on an Okanogan man who had fallen along the side of the road across from Pepper Jack’s Restaurant. He told the officer that he wanted to take a nap.

6/16 - A Tonasket driver was stopped after an officer saw children shoot something out the back window with what appeared to be a slingshot. The officer learned that a 17-year-old and a 15-year-old where shooting “Dots Candy” out the window. Neither of the two youths was wearing a seatbelt. The driver was cited for the 15-year-old not wearing a seatbelt and the 17-year-old was also cited.

- A Seattle man was arrested for calling 911 falsely, violating a no-contact court order, plus lying to an officer. He was taken to Grant County jail.

6/17 - Police stopped a known suspended driver in Electric City and cited him for not having insurance. The report went to the prosecutor’s office for possible citing for driving suspended.

- Police checked on three youths reportedly standing in front of Safeway yelling. The officer found the three in front of the Variety Store. They said they were trying to get a poster in a frame on the building.

- A Safeway official asked police to get a person out of the store because he was bothering customers. Police learned the man was wanted on two warrants for his arrest. He was told to wait for his ride across the street.

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