Will the council stand with the members?



I've given each of the Omak District Tribal Council, and the new candidates running for Council copies of the petition with names of tribal members’ signatures. The petition is requesting 50 percent of the 193 money.

I went to all three HUD sites in Omak, the HUD sites in Malott, Homested Trailer Court, covered the East Omak area and all along Hwy 155 to Disautel Pass. I knocked on each and every door, and was able to get over 300 petition signatures.

All the tribal members were eager, and willing to sign the petition. All the tribal members are very upset with the Council because “We the Tribal Members were not given a voice, or opportunity for input Before the decision was made by the Council to give the membership such a small portion (20 percent) of the 193 money.”

Going from house to house, meeting and talking with the tribal members, I saw no wealthy or rich tribal members. A very few were what might be called middle class. Most households live from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make enough money to pay monthly bills. Many households are receiving Public Assistance to survive.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

The signatures on this petition are mostly from the people who live here in the Omak District. When the Council decided, agreed, and voted to give the members 20 percent, the council was not representing the will, wants or needs of the tribal members and that's why these 300-plus signatures appear on this petition.

Will the Omak District Council stand with the members, or be in opposition to the Omak District tribal members?

Bruce Marcellay



Reader Comments

joannesan writes:

Our Rally at the Nespelem Powwow Arbor turned out great...we collected 1783 signatures to date....Ricky Gabriel, Chairman for Tribal Government is giving us til Friday June 15 to collect another 618 for this petition to be approved for referandum vote to the membership.....please call me if you haven't signed the petition and would like to...Joanne Sanchez 509-575-8720

jannesan writes:

We will rally at the Colville Tribal Agency on Friday the 8th...people will start gathering at 11am at the Powwow Arbor at the 4th of July Grounds.....bring you lawn chairs...lunch will be served there....petition will be available to sign at this event...thanks for all support....question or concerns please call me at 509-575-8720