Two dogs attack woman


Two Electric City men who live on 2nd Street face citations because their dogs allegedly attacked a woman while she was jogging May 10.

Amanda Lyn Button, 34, who lives on 3rd Street, reported to police that the dogs bit her on both legs, and a relative of hers had to come out and chase the dogs away.

When officers Adam Hunt and Sean Cook found the dogs, the dogs acted aggressively and one dog had to be pepper sprayed.

One dog belongs to Michael Lowry, of 214 2nd Street, and the other dog belongs to Joseph Balthazar, of 58063 2nd Street NW.

Balthazar was cited and told officers that the dog is now in Tonasket.

Police officers said that Lowry will be cited through the courts.

When police contacted Button at Coulee Medical Center, she told them that the dogs attacked her on the corner of Sunny and 3rd. She stated that she couldn’t get the dogs to stop biting her.

Button expressed concern, police said, about what would have happened if the dogs had attacked a child. Officer Hunt stated that people who were present said they were tired of all the dogs running loose and being aggressive.

Button was bitten low on both of her legs and was given treatment at the hospital.

“We have them all the time running loose in the area,” she said Monday. “The two dogs kept circling me and I kept yelling at them and kicking at them, but they just kept coming on.”

Lowry, the report noted, said he would keep his dog indoors.

Police said the issue has been forwarded to the city, where the council could declare the dogs “dangerous,” which sets a number of restrictions and conditions forward. The city has just received the police reports and Mayor Jerry Sands said that as soon as all the paperwork is complete, the matter will come before the council.

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