Coulee Recollections

A look at the past


Ten Years Ago

Grand Coulee Dam’s Third Powerhouse received a colorful addition last week just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Using cranes, Bureau of Reclamation workers placed a 30-foot by 57-foot American flag on the front of the powerhouse, highly visible from across the river.

Grand Coulee Dam area residents might soon have a little different way of disposing of their garbage. Sunrise Disposal owner John Gotti and manager Dick Howe presented a cart system proposal to the Regional Board of Mayors on May 13. All garbage cans would be replaced by large, wheeled containers that could bepicked up by mechanical arms on garbage trucks.

The proposed sharing of water between the cities of Grand Coulee and Electric City could receive a monetary boost from a county commissioner list. Grant County commissioners April 16 approved of a list of prioritized projects for the Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Team, called WACERT. Grand Coulee’s intertie with Electric City’s wells received top priority of 23 applicants in Grant County.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Twenty Years Ago

A Canadian company reported that it spilled about five tons of phosphoric acid in the Columbia River late Monday night following a power outage, but said further analysis determined there had been no significant spill.

Four men, all from Washington state, are being interviewed this week by officials of the GCD School District. By this weekend, the district expects to select one of them to replace Superintendent Jim Keene.

Less than $100 was donated during the past week to help keep the municipal swimming pool open in Coulee Dam.

Thirty Years Ago

Raiders off to the state trackmeet include Joanne Ethridge in all three weight events, Glennis Ware in the hurdles and Jim Minor in the low and high hurdles.

Forty Years Ago

Jay Forice has received word that he has been accepted at the United States Military Acadamy at West Point. He received a direct appointment. Jay is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fordice of Lakeview Terrace.

Fifty Years Ago

One million silver trout have been planted recently in Banks Lake.

Grand Coulee High School annual graduation exercises were held May 25.

Sixty Years Ago

The long awaited day will greet stream fishermen Sunday when the stream and highland lakes open. The San Poil River will probably be one of the most popular with local fishermen, although some are looking toward Wilson Creek.


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