Man pleads

guilty in


A tribal member pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to brutally beating and kidnapping his wife in January, the Spokesman Review reported.

Matthew R. Carden Sr., 40, pleaded guilty to felony assault, kidnapping and a felon in possession of a firearm after the Jan. 9, assault near Nespelem in which he used his boots and fists for about 20 minutes, according to court testimony.

His 37-year-old wife suffered two broken bones around her eyes, a broken collar bone and a fractured rib.

In a plea agreement, Assistant U.S. Attorney Rudy Verschoor dropped a charge of assault with a deadly weapon and another charge of assault with intent to commit a felony. Carden will not appeal the convictions if the judge sentences him to nine years in federal prison.

Sentencing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Aug. 17.

Coulee City


turns 60

The Coulee City Last Stand Rodeo celebrates 60 years Friday through Sunday with the rodeo, a parade, a 5k Cow Pie Jog, a bullarama and a chance to throw a horseshoe to win a Dodge Ram pickup.

Property tax

appeals set up

Don’t agree with the latest valuation of your property? You can appeal. The Grant County Board of Equalization is scheduled to convene in July to “publicly examine and equalize the assessments extended in the current year on the taxable property of Grant County, for taxes to be levied in the year 2013, and to correct all errors in valuation, description or qualities of property by the assessor.”

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Applications and more information on the process can be found at

Cold waters

can cause


Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area rangers want to warn boaters to be aware that hypothermia in cold spring water in the lake can turn boating mishaps serious quickly.

“Remember that hypothermia takes place rapidly in cold water,” a statement from LRNRA says. “A sudden plunge into cold water can cause disorientation and respiration problems. You will rapidly begin to lose control of your arms and legs as the effects of hypothermia take place. Even good swimmers will not last long in these conditions.”

So wear your life jackets, they advise.


not stolen

Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of attempted horse thievery at Columbia Siding Road between Rock Island and the Grant County line, Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal reported. Deputies found tracks at the scene that indicated someone may have tried to back a small trailer up to a corral where the horse was pastured. The horse apparently evaded capture and was found in a nearby field.


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