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5.9 - Police were called to Wolf’s Den bar about a reported fight. A person who had had too much to drink disputed an attempt to prevent him from driving.

5/11 - An Electric City woman was cited for failing to stop before coming onto the highway from North Dam Park.

- Two hours after the above woman was stopped, her car was stopped again because her husband was not wearing a seatbelt. He was cited for this and for not obtaining a Washington state driver’s license.

- A woman who gave Wilbur as her address was arrested on Goodfellow in Electric City for domestic violence and taken to Grant County jail.

- A woman who resides on Division Street was bitten twice on the arm after she picked an animal up. She was at the hospital being treated when police got the call.

- A Nespelem man was stopped because of a faulty brake light and when the officer smelled alcohol on the man’s breath he was given a field sobriety test which he failed. He was cited for driving while intoxicated, had his license punched and was released to a friend.

5/12 - Police stopped a “rock war” between children on Grand Avenue. A woman reported that she had been struck on the shoulder by one of the rocks. When police went to a house to investigate, the officer found an 11-year-old babysitting two younger children while the mother was at a bar “hanging out” with friends. The officer confronted the woman and was told a babysitter was on the way. The child who threw the rock that hit the woman apologized.

- A minor girl reported that a girl had struck her a couple times near the carnival site. She said the same girl also bullies her at school. The police report stated that the officer planned to take the issue up with officials at the school.

5/13 - Police were called to an argument between a man and woman near H&H Grocery. It was over him dancing with another woman.

- Police were called to the apartments on Hill Avenue where a woman was yelling racial slurs. The woman told police she was yelling at her cat.

- A woman told police that the night before she had been at an Electric City drinking establishment and someone hit her on the head with what she thought was a “shot glass.” She said that the incident caused her pain and discomfort.

5/14 - A woman on Silver Drive told police that she saw a mysterious light outside about the time she was going to bed. The next day, she reported, a caller apologized for the light. She asked police to patrol the area.

- Police checked on a report of a three-legged deer. There have been reports over the past few months of a three-legged deer in the area, which seems to get along fine.

5/15 - An Electric City resident was stopped on Grand Avenue West for a cracked windshield. The officer’s report stated that the same man had been stopped a couple of weeks ago on the same windshield violation. He was cited for this and for not having insurance for a total fine of $674.

- A Coulee Dam resident was stopped for going 48 mph in a 35 mph zone and the officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The man’s license tabs had expired and he had limitations on his driving and no one under 20 was supposed to ride with him. He had three 17-year-olds in the car. The driver was cited for speeding, having drug contraband, and not renewing his license tabs. The three youths had to find a ride.

- Police were called to an apartment complex because of a noise complaint. Police found a number of people partying at the apartment and a female that was unresponsive sitting in a chair with a beer in her hand. An ambulance was called and before it got there the woman woke up and told the officer that she would ask her friends to keep the noise down.

5/16 - A woman told police that two dogs on E. Grand Avenue in Electric City were chasing kids and she tried to stop them. The officer asked the owner to quarantine a dog named Shadow after it bit a woman. The owner was cited for letting them run loose and for the biting.

- A driver was stopped by an officer who noticed the vehicle license tabs had expired. The driver, who said he was “special needs,” said he couldn’t read or write. The man was cited for expired tabs, no insurance, and having no valid operator’s license on his person.

- A man acting “crazy” according to witnesses was confronted by police. The man allegedly tried to kick one officer when police were trying to assist him. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center for observation before he was taken to Grant County Jail for assault on an officer. He had been in a fight in Electric City and had a cut lip and abrasions.

- Police responded to a call about an intoxicated man near a motel in Grand Coulee. The man said he wanted to go to sleep. Since his residence was nearby, and he told the officer that he would go there, he was released.

5/17 - An 18-year-old Electric City youth was involved in a one-vehicle injury accident in Lincoln County on SR-174. The vehicle rolled over and law enforcement officials found the injured youth near his vehicle when they arrived. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center for treatment.

5/18 - An Electric City woman on East Coulee Avenue was arrested on a domestic violence issue and taken to Grant County Jail. The woman asked for and received a court order to evict a couple from her apartment. Police carried out the eviction notice and the woman who was jailed was released.

5/19 - A Nespelem man who failed to stop at an intersection was pulled over and ended up in Grant County Jail after police discovered his passenger had a no-contact order against him.

- An Ephrata man was cited for disorderly conduct when he refused to get out of the middle of the street at the request of a Coulee Dam officer. The next day the man was told to turn his music down because it was disturbing his neighbors.

Coulee Dam Police

5/9 - Police responded to a dispute between two neighbors on Central Drive arguing over their property lines. A man told police that his neighbor parks her vehicle over his property line and when he confronted her she threw sand in his face. When police talked to the neighbor woman she admitted losing her cool and said unkind things about the man. Police advised the two to go to city hall and get information that would clarify where the property line was. The man said he planned to build a fence on his property line and the woman told police that it was all right with her.

5/10 - School officials reported to police that someone had sprayed graffiti messages on the vacated Wright Elementary School. Police said they were able to lift some fingerprints off spray paint articles and have sent them to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab.

5/12 - A woman explained to police that, while she was attempting to keep flowers in the front seat from falling, she accidentally stepped on the accelerator. The officer learned that she didn’t have insurance on the vehicle. She was ticketed.

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