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We have to wonder what they were thinking when they signed an agreement with another town for 50 years with no way out.

Elmer City’s town council in the 1970s agreed to a deal with Coulee Dam to pay that town to take their wastewater for 50 years. It states they can’t back out unless both towns agree and Coulee Dam owns the plant, the upgrade of which will cost its residents a quarter of the $5 million price tag.

Kudos to the community on an excellent start to the summer with a great Colorama Festival, including thanks to Susan Miller, the chamber of commerce manager who pulls it all together.

And congratulations to the Ridge Riders for a spectacular return from the brink. A year ago, they came close to not having a rodeo. This year, rodeo folks all over the state are wondering what happened that brought so many cowboys to Grand Coulee last weekend.

A plan to encourage each city to put up Christmas lights is a good idea, provided that each plans for it on a day certain, well in advance. Too often, we leave such things to volunteers who don’t have time to plan it out. That sometimes leads to less than optimal experiences for those who show up to help.

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It would be wise to check, if possible, on the actual ownership of the various lighting displays. Perhaps they are so old it no longer matters, or no one actually cares. But the light displays, such as the jack in the box, or the bears throwing snowballs, were not purchased with public money. They were bought by individual businesses (who probably would just be glad to see them used).

At any rate, getting them up would be a welcome community boost come winter.

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