Quality of care-patient flow, what's that?

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Last Friday morning I had an appointment at the new clinic to have my hip replacement dressing (and sutures) removed. This simple procedure should have taken no longer than 15 minutes, but it actually involved over an hour in the waiting room alone. There were few patients when I checked in, and I advised the support staff that I couldn't sit or stand too long.

Things then went awry as my wait extended to over 50 minutes. Other patients came in and were called ahead of me. My pain meds were wearing off, and I was very uncomfortable. My wife checked with various people to see what was going on. I was finally called and the actual removal of my dressing and examination took only a few minutes.

For this I would rate the patient satisfaction category as Good. For general Quality Assurance of Clinic Services, I would evaluate POOR. The admissions staff dropped the ball and apologies after the fact meant nothing.

I'm waiting to learn what charges will be added to my $25.00 copay. This was my initial visit to this new medical facility, and I'm hoping to never need to return. There were a few people who helped after my long wait. I am grateful for the intervention of Joan Phillips and Tammara Byers and for care provided by Dr. Bainbridge.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Just about everyone else dropped the services delivery ball. Following treatment, I was given two lollipops, which our 2- and 3-year-old visitors enjoyed later that day. I would recommend senior needs and post-op services training for the support staff as follow up to this deplorable experience.

The medical facility is very impressive, but I require quality patient care for my personal well-being.

RC Covington

Coulee Dam


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