Petition tribal council for bigger share of $193 million

Letters to the Editor


The Tribal Council took it upon themselves to give the tribal members 20 percent of the 193 money and to keep 80 percent for their share. It’s already been agreed to, voted on and approved by the Tribal Council.

Using the 20-80 percent formula the council has already approved, the tribal members will receive approximately $48 million to be divided between 10,000 members. Each tribal member would receive approximately $3,800, after taxes. That’s not much, is it? The Tribal Council share will be approximately $145 million.

Using 50 percent to tribal members and 50 percent to the Tribal Council, each tribal member would receive approximately $7,700. The Tribal Council would have $96 million to spend. The 50-50 percent formula seems way more fair to me.

The Tribal Council has lost trust and touch with the tribal members. The tribal members want, and deserve a voice in the distribution of the 193 funds. Let the tribal members vote on the 193 money.

I think all the Tribal Council members who voted to approve the 20-80 percent formula should be voted out of office. For the Tribal Council to believe the tribal members should only be entitled to receive 20 percent is a great injustice to the tribal membership.

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If there is not a petition out there, let’s get one going in each district. If there is a petition, I urge all the tribal members to sign it. Let the Tribal Council know you’re not satisfied with a mere 20 percent. I can be contacted at (509) 429-7502.

Bruce Marcellay


Reader Comments

jannesan509 writes:

There is also at the Video Quest in Nespelem, a number of people have them on the REz, you can call Bruce for information of where they are but Maria is going to be at the Colorama tomorrow, someone will be at the Mother's Day powwow, but the best central point is Video Quest...thanks for everyones help....

jannesan509 writes:

There is a petition out, contact me or sign at the Colorama Saturday the 12th, someone will be there. You can contact me at 509-575-8720 or download one from Facebook on the CCT, As the Rez Turns or call me i will email one to you, Deadline for them to be back to me is May 29th, 2012. Please help the cause....