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Mardee Davis’ home at 103 West Grand in Electric City needs considerable repairs before it will pass inspection by foster home officials so she can get custody of her two grandsons.

An Electric City woman finds herself needing help before she can help her two grandchildren out of foster care.

Mardee Davis, who lives at 103 West Grand Avenue, is trying to get custody of her two grandchildren who are now in separate foster homes.

The two grandsons, ages 8 and 7, are separated from their parents for a variety of reasons.

Davis moved here just over a year ago from Lake Stevens and took over a mobile home that was formerly occupied by a son.

The interior and exterior of the three-bedroom mobile home was a wreck.

Davis has been diligently trying to get the home in shape so it can be inspected by foster care officials. However, her health and the size of the task has been too much for her.

Over the past year, with the help of newfound friends, there has been a bit of progress, but somewhat limited. Friends contacted The Star.

The place has a sizeable list of needs, and there are neither the finances nor energy to get it done.

Davis injured her back several years ago, and has had several surgeries, and each time she tries to move things, it goes out again.

Here’s a partial list of needs at her mobile home:

- Electrical elements need to be checked and repaired. The living room light has exposed wires.

- Plumbing needs checking and repairs. Cold water line doesn’t work throughout the house.

- Walls need patching and repair throughout.

- Doors and screens are missing.

- Replace and install missing floor coverings.

- Replace stove hood and clean or replace vent.

- Repair/replace bathroom fixtures in both baths. The master bath needs tub, surround and sink.

- The add-on needs cleaning, painting, and floor repair and cover.

- Front entry porch needs repair and stabilization.

- Windows need screens.

- Furnace ducts need cleaning.

- Repair/replace mobile skirting holes.

- Dressers needed for boys’ bedrooms.

- Wall air conditioner needed.

- Storage areas and yard need to be cleaned and trash removed.

- There is dry rot in bathroom floors.

- Need bookcases for storage.

The home is owned by Davis’ father, who is older and doesn’t have resources to help.

A way to assist Davis is being established so community members can do some of the projects that need to be done.

She currently gets by on less than $700 from Social Security.

Davis’ mailing address is: Mardee Davis, Post Office Box 11, Electric City, WA. 99123.

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Reader Comments

commonsense writes:

I know she wants to have her grandkids with family and probably loves them very much but I, agree with orangestart.

OrangeStart writes:

If she has all these problems and only makes 700 a month it doesn't sound like she needs 2 grand children living there. Not to mention it sounds like a terrible place for 2 kids to live.