Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee Police

4/29 - A driver, pulled over for a faulty license plate light and running over the fog line, was cited within walking distance of his home for driving while under the influence. His car was towed.

- The owner of a pit bull that attacked a small dog was cited for his dog biting another, not having a license for the dog and for the dog running loose. The officer advised the man that his dog, only seven months old, could be declared dangerous by authorities.

- A man was stopped because his brake light was out and then cited for not having registration or insurance on the vehicle. He was told to get the title transferred over and to get the brake light fixed.

- A Coulee City woman known to have a suspended license was stopped in Electric City, cited for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a dangerous weapon and driving while her license was suspended. Officers got a search warrant and found stereo equipment with clipped wires in the trunk. The car was sealed and towed to an impound area. The woman was taken to jail in Ephrata.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- An officer responded to a verbal dispute between a woman and her 15-year-old daughter. The mother said the daughter didn’t come home the night before and had refused to get up out of bed and do her chores. The officer was assured that there would be no violence after he explained to the two their respective rights.

4/30 - A Burdin Boulevard man was cited by mail for a vehicle prowl on West Grand Coulee Avenue.

- After being confronted on a noise complaint, a woman on Miller Avenue in Electric City told police she had been showing off her speakers. Police explained that the neighbors were trying to sleep.

5/1 - a woman on Hill Street reported that her 2001 626 Mazda was stolen from her residence. She parked the vehicle in front of her apartment the night before, and when she looked out in the morning and the car was missing.

- A Coulee Dam man was ticketed near Young’s Welding after he did a rolling stop while entering the highway.

- A man was reported smoking and drinking alcohol next to city hall. Police advised the man that it was illegal to have an open container of alcohol in public. The man finished the beverage and then left the area. He was advised that if he was caught drinking in public he would be cited.

5/2 - A man on Good Street in Electric City reported that someone had broken the rear window of his vehicle. The estimated cost to repair the window was $350.

- A Coulee Dam driver told police that his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend had been following him around trying to get him to fight. After police checked on the man it was learned that his license was suspended and he was told not to drive until his license was reinstated.

Coulee Dam Police

4/25 - A high school girl told police that she left her diabetic pump in her backpack while she was taking a physical education class and when she was done with class the backpack was gone. She said the pump costs $6,000.

4/30 - A woman told police that her side mirror had been taken off by a FedEx truck over the center line on the Coulee Dam bridge. Police contacted the FedEx driver and saw that his mirror was shattered. The driver said the woman’s car was over the center line.

- A woman ran out of gas near Riley Point and backed her vehicle around hoping to go downhill to get gas. She told police that she had no control over the steering. A male passenger went down the hill to get gas. The officer stood by until the woman was able to move her car.

5/3 - Police were told that someone had cut the cord to a heat lamp located in a house that was repossessed on Spruce Street.

- An officer assisted Tribal Police in Elmer City where it was reported that a man was suicidal and had cut his neck with a knife. Police were told that the man was going with a girl there. There were warrants out for both parties. The two finally came out of a residence on 3rd Ave, and an ambulance took the man to the hospital.


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