Board agrees on school calendar


The school board, Monday night, finally agreed to next year’s calendar after nearly an hour-long discussion that ended only when Superintendent Dennis Carlson recommended one of two options before the board.

The agreed-to option was the closest calendar to one adopted a couple of months ago by Nespelem School and was in concert with the district’s effort to build a calendar that was as close as possible to the one from Nespelem.

Board member Ted Piccolo wanted school to begin after Labor Day and objected to the 3-day 4-day 5-day start of the school year.

He contended that the shortened weeks didn’t lend themselves to a learning experience for children.

As members started picking apart the calendar, the mid-winter break nearly became a victim. The two days set aside in March match up with the State B basketball tournament in Spokane.

One member stated that Lake Roosevelt probably wouldn’t be going to state this next year and if the district cut out the two days, then school would get out earlier in the spring.

The superintendent’s recommendation passed but with a caveat. The board will decide its calendar in February next year so that it will be set before Nespelem decides on its calendar.

Piccolo stated that since Coulee Dam was the larger district, then Nespelem should adjust to the local calendar.

The first day of school this fall will be Aug. 28. The Christmas break will be from Dec. 20 to Jan. 3. Spring break is April 1-5 and school will get out June 12.

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