Fighting for non-tribal angler rights

Letters to the Editor


Have you ever received a citation from the CCT Fish and Wildlife on Lake Roosevelt? Your rights were violated. The 1994 Cassidy Decision made Lake Roosevelt and its shoreline up to the 1310 line public property. CCT Has blatantly ignored this order and cited hundreds of legal anglers.

As a group, we are asking the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney Michael Ormsby, to intervene on our behalf and end this infringement of our rights. The legalities were settled long ago, appeals were denied, and the tribe continues to thumb its nose at (court) orders.

At some point we might need financial aid, but at this point we need voices to be heard. If you have ever been contacted by tribal authorities and feel you were being harassed or cited fraudulently, contact us at:

C. Williamson

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Reader Comments

ancientwarrior writes:

If you was sited on the land located behind GCPO that is a legal citation. The Cassidy decision took away the rights to site on Lake Roosevelt water body. The decision did not take away the rights of the tribes to protect their resources. The Cassidy decision created the 5 party agreement on Lake Roosevelt. This consists of NPS, USBR, BIA, Spokane Reservation and the Colville Confederated Tribes. All parties involved make decisions about the lake and the tribes are afforded their rights to protect their resources. All the locals know in detail to check all regulations before they come to the reservation. It is a different legal system, different laws and separate government. The tribal government can and will at times post special regulations about different recreation closures that can occur due to various conditions that can occur. The reservation is just not a blank spot on the map with no laws and regulations. We the Colville's along with the Spokane's have the right to protect our resources, our way of life and our traditions. Time and time again I have seen people come to the reservation, get sited and run off to this organization or this organization and beg for help. Help is not available. People need to realize that there is consequences for your actions on the reservation.

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