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Grand Coulee

4/24 - Two residents living on Kelso in Electric City asked police to ban two brothers from crossing their properties. One woman told police that her children had found several drug needles in and around the property and then gave the items to the police. The two boys were banned from being on the properties.

- Police found the door to a vacant office space in a Burdin Boulevard building open, The officer contacted the owner and the door was closed and locked.

- A Coulee City woman was cited for driving while her license was suspended and when the officer came up to the vehicle the woman opened the door and a bag with green leafy material was seen inside. The officer asked if the material was hers and she replied “Oh, I forgot about that.” She was cited for driving while her license was suspended and for possession of marijuana. The car was towed.

- A driver was cited for not having insurance after an officer observed that he was drifting over the fog line on numerous occasions. He told police that the car had a high idle and that he had to use the brakes to keep it within the speed limit.

- Plant Protection advised police that some juveniles were up at the canal and that one had gone around the fence. The boy told the officer that his line was snagged and he went around the fence to get it loose. The officer explained the dangers of the canal area and the youth left.

4/25 - A woman was told by phone that she had won a $3 million lottery and that she should send $485 and give her 3-digit code for her debit card and her checking account number. She refused to provide what the caller asked for.

- A Coulee Dam man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail after he allegedly brandished a gun and waved it at some people.

- Police assisted the ambulance crew in getting a person on Palmer Street in Electric City into the ambulance and to Coulee Medical Center.

- A man walking on Palmer Street in Electric City tried to hide from an officer who eventually found him in a storage shed. The man had a Department of Corrections detainer. It was checked and then the man was taken to Grant County jail.

4/26 - A local businessman told police that he had received a threatening phone call from a man who stated that he knew where he lived and was going to get him. The man was advised that he needed to get an anti-harassment court order.

- The owner of a drinking establishment in Electric City told police that someone had come in and tried to use a credit card which was denied and charged $55.50 on a tab and hadn’t returned to pay it.

4/27 - An official from Birds Auto told police that the gate to their impound lot was open and entry was gained by cutting a chain with bolt cutters. A local towing firm had a Chevy Blazer in the impound yard and it was gone. Police were told three people came to Tim’s Towing to try to get the vehicle but it wouldn’t be released because the registered owner was not present. One of the three said they would get the car one way or another.

- A person living on Jackson in Electric City reported that someone had tried to take some items from his neighbor’s storage area. The owner of the items and neighbor showed the officer three radiators stacked up over the fence and a wheelbarrow. The officer said he knew someone who had been seen with the wheelbarrow and is investigating. The owner of the radiators put them back in storage.

Coulee Dam

4/24 - A man was arrested for violating a no contact order by the courts. He was riding in the front seat beside the person who got the order.

4/25 - An officer walked “Bell” a lost dog home to its owner. The woman thanked the officer and then was told to keep the animal restrained.

- A man on Fir Street was served papers terminating a protection order he had received earlier.

- A driver from Usk was stopped for going 46 mph in a 35 mph zone near River Drive. When running a check on the man, it was learned that he had two warrants out for him for not paying traffic fines. He also was given a field test for sobriety and found to have a high degree of alcohol in his system. His auto was towed and the man was put in custody of a Tribal Police officer.

4/26 - A woman was stopped for not having her headlights on after dark and the officer found that she had a suspended license and no insurance. A passenger next to her was found to have a warrant out for her arrest and was taken to Grant County jail. A second passenger who had a valid drivers license was allowed to take charge of the vehicle.

4/27 - A 16-year-old was found smoking and told the officer that he had found the cigarette and another person gave him a light. The officer had the youth put the cigarette out and gave him a warning.

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