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Letters to the Editor


Is it right that we should be told how we use our land? Don’t we have a constitutional right to personal property? Is it really necessary for them to force these new ordinances on us? Why are they disrupting our friendly little town and causing turmoil?

We as property owners and citizens need to look at what is going on here. How is it that they can tell us what we can build and how it has to be done on our own property?

I know there have to be rules, and I agree with that, but they don’t have to go overboard. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against change for our town, as long as it’s good for the majority, and they don’t infringe on our constitutional rights.

It’s too bad that Mr. Halsey isn’t still here. He ran our town for 34 years and I don’t recall turmoil in the community like there has been for the last three years. Halsey looked out for all the citizens fairly, and that’s how he ran our town. Oh by the way, did you know we are a “city” now instead of a town?

Sam Stanczak

Nancy Boylard

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