It’s tough to know when to give up.

As a society, we’ve recognized that every young person who fails to make it through our school system is much more likely to cause more problems for us all later on.

On the other hand, kids who become discipline problems in schools can disrupt the learning experience for everyone else. How can teachers, school administrators, counselors, police and everyone else know where to draw the line?

Maybe the best answer is simply, sooner. Consistant, fair discipline coupled with a safe, nurturing environment supplied from the earliest grades is the best antidote to the ills that invade schools from the outside world.

Even so, it can’t always be enough.

Several mentions of school disruption in our Coulee Cops report this week bring the question to mind. Those reports are solid evidence that local schools are dealing with problems, not letting them slip by.

We don’t envy those charged with stopping society’s ills before they become serious, all while providing an education. It’s surely enough to test their limits.

Scott Hunter

editor and publisher

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