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4/16 - A woman on Young Street reported that someone had entered her home while she was away and stole her laptop computer and a variety of technology items, total value $4,000. Police reported pry marks on her door where someone had forced entry.

- A burglary of a house on Burdin Boulevard was reported. The resident reported $100 missing plus some jewelry. There were no signs of forced entry the report stated.

- A woman on Lakeview Avenue NE reported a suspicious man in the neighborhood who appeared to have trouble walking. She stated that the man had urinated in the street. Police found the man wanted on a warrant. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A man stopped near Federal Avenue was found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was also driving while his license was suspended. He was cited and taken to Grant County Jail on the warrant.

4/17 - Police removed a hand-made sign from the roadway on Burdin Boulevard noting “children at play.”

4/18 - An officer responded to a call that a deer was trapped in a fenced area alongside the canal. Plant Protection opened the gate to the area and finally the deer freed itself.

- A 911 hangup call in Electric City attracted a call from police who were told that a man had a knife and said he was going to injure himself. The officer found the man, who denied he was going to hurt himself and said blood on his person was from a fight he had on the reservation.

4/19 - Police were called to the Grand Coulee Dam Middle School because of an altercation between one student and several others. Officials told police that a male student had made threatening comments and had been “emergency” expelled. The report was forwarded to Grant County Juvenile authorities.

- An Ephrata driver was ticketed for going 67 mph in a 35 mph zone in Electric City near Mile Post 25.

- A man on 2nd Street in Electric City said another man threatened him with a rock and said he was going to shoot him. Police couldn’t find the man and the threatened person said he didn’t want to press charges.

- Police responded to a 911 call on Grand Avenue West in Electric City involving a domestic dispute. The woman stated that the man involved was just drunk and had left the residence.

- Police found a couple in the ditch alongside the road near an apartment complex in Electric City. The man said he was trying to get the woman back to a place they were staying so she wouldn’t be in the roadway. Police contacted with the person who had the apartment and he came to let the couple in.

4/20 - A woman complained of loud music. Police found a man working on his car with the music turned up. He turned it down.

- An officer told juveniles fishing near the canal to be careful because of the strong current of the water.

4/22 - Police provided backup for a Coulee Dam officer responding to a burglary in progress on River Drive. A man had apparently entered the house through a garage door, drank some vodka, and was found by the homeowner standing in the kitchen. The resident grabbed a wrench and chased the man into the yard.

- A Burdin Boulevard man was stopped for not having lights on his boat trailer and the officer learned that the man didn’t have a signed registration, insurance and both the driver and passenger weren’t wearing seat belts. They were cited for the various offenses, and warned on the non-operating trailer lights.

- A man was stopped when the officer could see he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. He was cited for that and for not having a signed registration.

- The driver of a semi-tractor and trailer and his male passenger were both cited for not wearing seatbelts. Then the officer directed them to a local restaurant when they stated they wanted something to eat.

4/23 - A man reported that his 10-year-old son had been assaulted by another boy while playing soccer. The man said that the boy had received an in-school suspension for one day, and was still in school. School officials said that they hadn’t been notified of the assault.

- Police were called to the middle school because a weapon had been found in a 11-year-old boy’s backpack. The weapon was a toy gun and the boy said he had the gun in his backpack over the weekend and forgot to take it out. The boy was suspended from school.

- Police noticed a driver not wearing her seatbelt and stopped the vehicle. She said it was too hot and uncomfortable to wear the seatbelt. She received a citation for the seatbelt violation and for not having insurance.

Coulee Dam Police

4/18 - Police answered a call to a home on Pine Street where a domestic violence issue was taking place. Police learned that the dispute between the man and wife occurred after the man and his nephew had completed a computer game. The man told police that a program came up with “extreme” nudity and that’s what caused the argument. The issue was finally turned over to Tribal Police.

- A small amount of marijuana in a backpack brought police to Lake Roosevelt High School where a girl told the officer that she had just started smoking marijuana. The green substance was confiscated by police and the report went to Okanogan County Juvenile authorities for possible charges.

4/20 - A driver was stopped near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam when an officer noticed that one of her lights was out. The woman couldn’t produce an insurance card and didn’t have her license with her. She was cited for the license problem and only warned on the insurance since the officer’s patrol computer wasn’t working properly.

- Police were advised that a juvenile known to be wanted on a warrant was with a large group of kids somewhere on Spruce Street. Police found the youth, checked to make sure the warrant was current, arrested him and took him to Okanogan County Juvenile facilities.

- Police were called to Lake Roosevelt High School when officials found a smoking pipe and an Oxycontin pill in the backpack of a male juvenile student. Charges of the smoking pipe, marijuana possession and possession of a Schedule II drug without a prescription followed the youth to the Okanogan County Juvenile facility.

4/22 - A burglary in progress on River Drive turned up a burglar who emptied a bottle of spirits and ate a piece of pie. The residents woke up to see the outline of a man in the house who was finally coaxed outside through the garage. While police were transporting the man to Okanogan County Jail the man repeated, “You can’t pin this on me.” He was booked into jail on burglary and malicious mischief charges.

4/23 - Police stood by to observe as a woman and her neighbor argued over some shrubs he was removing. He maintained the shrubs were on his property. The woman finally told the man to go ahead and do what he wanted to do and walked away.

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