An update on school bullying

Letters to the Editor


I would like to give an update on my reports of BULLYING occurring in GCDSD schools and my lack of support from school administration to address the ongoing problem or even return my numerous calls and emails.

I met with Dennis Carlson, superintendent, on Tuesday, March 13, with my concerns about the safety and wellbeing of my son (and others) and lack of response to my concerns by Lisa Lakin, principal of the middle school. Dr. Carlson was receptive to hearing my needs and stated he would follow up on my issues.

Dr. Carlson called me on Thursday, March 23 and left a message; he had just attended a presentation in Omak bout RACHEL’S CHALLENGE, and he was impressed by the challenge and will work to bring RACHEL’S CHALLENGE to GCDMS. (Time lines were not outlined.)

This is a great start to be “accountable” to the students and community family members. I was so happy to receive this message and would like as many parents as possible to help me hold GCDSD administration to the fire on this commitment. Our kids deserve it.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Sharey Redthunder

Local parent

Elmer City


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