Firm hired to examine school air


by Roger S. Lucas

The Grand Coulee Dam School District is on its way to finding out why so many students and staff at Center Elementary School are complaining about bad air quality and its effects.

Staff concerns were expressed at a recent school board meeting, and a study of air quality is underway.

Superintendent Dennis Carlson said Fulcrum, Inc., from Spokane, an air quality firm, plans to place air monitoring equipment in the school to test the air quality 24 hours a day for a month.

Carlson stated that preliminary indications are that air filters need to be changed more frequently and that air intake into the building, particularly in winter, may need to be increased.

Carlson stated the month-long study should indicate exactly what the district needs to do to improve air quality in the building.

Staff had complained of headaches and sinus infections along with other problems because of air quality in the building.

Employees at the school took a survey of problems experienced at the school and gave it to the school board.

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