Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee

4/2 - Police followed up on a call that there was a traffic problem on E. Grand Coulee and Butler Street. The officer found three juveniles in the street holding up a sign. They were trying to attract more interest in their tea and water stand.

4/3 - A report of a person running down West Grand in Electric City yelling and screaming was checked out but the officer couldn’t find the person.

- A person on 2nd Street in Electric City reported that his dog, a male black and brown Labrador named Rex, was missing.

- A motorist reported a woman with a blond wig was walking down the middle of the highway near H&H Grocery in Electric City. Police found her riding a bike and told her she needed to have a light in order to ride at night. She said she had been in the street trying to get a ride.

4/4 - A Nespelem man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on a warrant. He had been stopped because he didn’t have a functioning light over his license plate. Adding to his woes was a ticket for driving with a suspended license and not having insurance. His car was towed.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A woman found a 3-year-old walking in the Safeway parking lot, and her parents weren’t there. A man came and retrieved the child. He told police that he had gone to pick up his aunt.

4/5 - A Nespelem woman was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on a fourth-degree assault charge after allegedly striking her mother with her purse. The argument was interrupted by police near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam.

- An Electric City woman and a Grand Coulee man were told to stop sending text messages to each other because they were banned from having contact.

- Police were asked to assist the fire department in removing a Nespelem woman from a local motel. Upon contact with police, the woman said she would gather up her things and leave.

4/6 - A man was pulled over near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam and ticketed for driving while his license was suspended.

- An Electric City woman on Second Street told police she witnessed a vehicle prowl of a neighbor’s truck.

- An Electric City man reportedly backed his pickup into a 2008 Pontiac that was driving by, causing $3,000 damage to the pickup and $7,000 damage to the car. The man said he didn’t see the car because some bushes on his property blocked his view.

- Police were asked to help funeral home officials remove a deceased person from an Electric City residence.

4/7 - A woman was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after allegedly assaulting two people at the Wolf’s Den. One of the assault charges also carried with it domestic violence because the alleged assault was on her former live-in boyfriend.

- A man who lives on “B” Street was arrested for domestic violence and taken to Grant County Jail and will also be charged with interfering with reporting domestic violence and malicious mischief.

- Police said they had two suspects in a break-in of a house being remodeled on Weil Place. Two of the suspects were from Spokane and one from Elmer City. A computer and tools were taken. Entry was through a bathroom window. The same three suspects were named in the break-in of a residence on Goodfellow in Electric City. Taken there were two bikes, some DVDs and CDs. Entry was through a broken window.

- An Omak resident who initially refused to leave an Electric City bar when asked was told by police that he was permanently banned from the establishment.

- Police responded to a call that a dog was running loose on Federal Avenue in Grand Coulee. The officer caught the dog and while trying to read the license tag the dog tried to bite him. The officer released the dog before being bit.

Coulee Dam

4/2 - A man advised police that he had been bitten on the hand by a brown pit bull dog near the corner of Crest and Central Drive. He said he was out walking his dog when the pit bull attacked his dog; when he pulled them apart the pit bull bit him on the hand. Police went to the house to which the pit bull had returned. They told the owner that under the town’s ordinance the dog could be classified as a “potentially dangerous dog” and that he would have to erect a pen with a floor and ceiling and that it must be locked so children couldn’t get into it. The officer also told the owner of the dog that he would be required to carry an insurance policy on the dog. The owner said the dog actually had belonged to his father, who passed away four months before, and that he would have to return the dog to Arizona.

4/3 - Police issued a warning to a woman on Camas Street for playing music in her car so loud that it disturbed the neighbors. She said she was playing the music while cleaning her car. She was advised that she was in violation of the city code and told to keep the music down.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that a storage shed had been broken into. The officer found that a nut had come off and caused the door to fall open. Plant Protection was advised to let whoever owned the storage shed check and see if anything was missing.

- Plant Protection called police to report that a suspicious black bag had been seen on the Coulee Dam Bridge. Police couldn’t find any black bag.

4/5 - A driver, stopped after straying over the fog line, didn’t have a driver’s license, a registration in the vehicle or proof of insurance. She was cited for driving without a license, and a passenger took charge of the vehicle.


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