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RE: Neighborhood needs to be cleaned up


I would expand that statement. Our entire city needs to be cleaned up. Drive or walk about anywhere … our town is an eyesore. Besides the unlicensed cars, boats, trailers and motor homes on our streets, we also have burned and boarded up houses and yards filled with trash.

The house next to ours was abandoned last year. Along with the trash in the yard, two cars were left behind. When approached, the police said we had to file a formal complaint with City Hall before they could do anything. If our city does not have an ordinance to keep our streets and yards clean, it should.

I find it disgusting that our tourist town is so trashy. Like Becky, I’d like results.

Christie Arbauch

317 Division

Grand Coulee

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Reader Comments

KreedKelley writes:

I'm a 206er a KCB if you will, so I understand my opinion has little meaning in this forum as a outsider. As a person who has looked at and is looking at joining your community, I will stick to the facts as I understand them concerning this issue, and the Grant County-City Of Grand Coulee Laws/Rules/Regulations that may apply. Looking at purchasing property in the area, I was just recently given the governing laws concerning this issue. I would like to share this link. Most of you I'm sure are aware of these details, but here is a link for those who havent had the chance to look it up. Concerning vehicles and residential laws in Grant County. If you follow the link, Chapter 23.08 explains performance use standards for residential lots. I am encouraged to see the local dialog concerning this but.....I would like to note that every city that I have done business in or resided in, has this same issue. My experience with other communities tells me, communication with the City, the approach and the implementation of a proper solution is where the project's success is determined at. Once again, I am encouraged to see citizens take this up and stand for what they believe as what is right. Great stuff. Thank you for reading and allowing me to post on your forum, KK

bassguy writes:

I do not think a recession has anything to do with some one not picking up and making things look more eye appealing. Look at what Coulee Dam has done, in the last year or so there has been a huge change in the look of the town. I hear people all the time complain about how crappy a lot of the houses an lots looks. This is not something new but is something that needs to be addressed. Brian Grand Coulee

justandfair writes:

were in a recession people.not everyone is well off.i think helping instead of pointing the finger and complaining will work better.