City planning is extreme


We are writing this as concerned citizens of Electric City. We feel that what the city has been doing with the annexations, zoning and ordinance changes, is a little extreme.

On the annexations, they went about this against us. Several of us went into city hall because we did not want our land annexed into the city; they would not listen to us and under our protest they went ahead and annexed it in anyway.

On the zoning, they went about this without the property owners even knowing about it, and because of this we cannot use our land in the way that we previously had.

And finally on the new ordinance, which was adopted by comparing our small town to other cities, we feel it is too extreme. For example: we are limited to what size fence we can put up, no outside storage and even what size storage shed we are allowed to have. This is just a small part of the rather large ordinance that pertains to all citizens of Electric City.

These are just a few things of major concerns that we as citizens need to be aware of. If you are concerned about any of these issues, please sign the petition that will be circulated around town.

Sam Stanczak

Nancy Bolyard

Tom Steffens

Joseph Stanczak

Pamela Stanczak

Marlene Hale

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Reader Comments

jeff writes:

Thank you for submitting your letter. If you google (ICLEI primer: Your town and freedom threatened), you will find the items you have mentioned (annexations,zoning and ordinance changes) and exact wording(plan)of what is taking place even though we have not signed on to ICLEI. This is Agenda 21....If you read enough I'm sure you will figure out how these changes are getting through. If you google (Agenda 21 and the step by step process to enforce it in America), this will give you a great overview and how to stop it. I would like to sign the petition if I knew exactly where it was. Thanks Jeff Eiffert

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